Agency KPI

As a marketing or advertising agency, it is crucial that you report the performance of your actions to your clients in the most effective way possible.
One of the best method to do so, is through the use of intelligent marketing dashboards. Once set up, they will automatically update themselves with the latest collection of data from your sources and they will automatically report the state of your key primary indicators to your management or your clients.

As a creative or digital agency, you don’t have any time to waste on manual reporting, and having automatic performance dashboards for your campaign will let you focus on what matters : the core KPI metrics of your business.

Agency KPI List

Agency KPI List

Knowing what KPI would be the best for your different client’s accounts or even for your own internal use is probably one of the hardest part.
You must make the time to choose and set up properly a whole list of KPIs you are going to use in your reporting properly, and then to organize them in different dashboards.
For example, as a marketing agency, you would be interested in KPIs such as Sales revenue, Cost per Lead, Customer value, Marketing ROI, Landing Page Conversion Rate, Organic Traffic and Social Media Traffic, alongside their conversion rate.

As an online advertising agency, some of those KPIs would be different, for example, if you want to follow the results of an online advertising campaign, you would want to track your CPM or CPC, CTR, conversion rate, keywords performance, Ad ranking and even your remarketing metrics.

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Agency KPI Template

Agency KPI Template

Make sure that your actions receives all the credits they deserve and don’t hinder your performance appraisal by using over the top KPI templates to report your successes.
Choosing the correct KPIs would be the first step, once you have narrowed down the choice of your top indicators, it is very important to organize them properly in your reports. Remember here that the key word is Time. You want your dashboards to save you time and display enough insider’s information so that your readers will be able to understand how well you are performing at a glance.
Start by deciding on a template which breathes. Even if you think design is not the primary aspect here, being a bit creative and using your agency’s design resources to make the dashboard likable and clear is really a plus.

You shouldn’t be cramming one dashboard with a whole lot of Key performance indicators, instead, decide for one topic for each dashboard and only use the relevant KPIs in each of them. This will help you get a more focused approach on the campaigns you are trying to evaluate.

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