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tiktok ads dashboard

TikTok Ads Performance

This TikTok Ads dashboard template lets you track vital metrics like your CPC, CTR, CPM, CPA, and more to measure your campaigns’ performance. Go a step further by building custom metrics such as engagement rate by video duration, traffic-to-website, and revenue generated by TikTok to get the full picture, ensure your campaigns resonate with your…

gender salary gap dashboard

Gender Salary Gap Analysis

Track pay ratios, gender pay gaps, and gender distribution to foster more gender equality in the workplace, especially when it comes to pay.

employee satisfaction dashboard

Monitor Your People’s Pulse and Satisfaction

Track your employee satisfaction over time, based on factors like company culture, management affinities, missions accomplished, benefits, and more…. Measure the effect of your HR policies on employees’ well-being, satisfaction, and company culture.

employee management dashboard

Take Your People Management To The Next Level

Get deeper insights into your employees’ satisfaction, salaries, absenteeism, and turnover to identify issues preventing growth, optimize employee experience, and fuel organizational efficiency.

blog ecommerce acquistion channels and revenue dashboard template

eCommerce Acquisition Channels

Quickly assess your products’ performance, identify top/flops, and understand the proportion of new customers on revenue. Monitor your ROI on multi-channel marketing campaigns with accuracy, and keep an eye on KPIs: conversion rates, AOV, and ROAS across categories and regions to grow your eCommerce faster.

hospitality restaurant sales breakdown

Restaurant Sales Breakdown

Drive Your Restaurants’ Profitability and Cook Up Success! Get a breakdown of your restaurants’ sales by guests, order types, and location. At a glance, identify how your business is doing and where you need to focus to drive more profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

hospitality restaurant performance

Restaurant Performance Overview

To stay competitive, you need a clear understanding of your restaurant’s performance. With this dashboard template, easily track your total sales, margins, prime costs, and labor costs – uncovering your key ingredients for success!

hospitality hotel revenue

Hotel Revenue Breakdown

Get a breakdown of your hotel revenue by room revenue and RevPar, empowering you to maximize profits, optimize pricing, and reduce cancellation rates.

hospitality hotel performance overview

Hotel Performance Overview

Get a comprehensive overview of your hotel performance metrics, providing hotel management with key insights into revenue generated, occupancy rates, and guest experiences. Track your RevPar, average length of stay, room revenue per segment, and property to understand the effectiveness and optimize your strategies.

retail product performance

Understand Your Retail Product Performance At a Glance

Get an overview of your product performance in real time. Understand your top revenue-generating products across brands, categories, and regions. Identify bottlenecks and returns by reasons so you can make adjustments to meet your sales targets. Monitor key metrics like your sales value, margin rate, average price, orders/returns ratio by order channel, type, and store.

retail stores

Retailers, Get a Consolidated View of Your Stores Performance

Get a consolidated view of your sales performance from multiple stores, and easily drill down to understand each POS’s performance. Compare store metrics and understand your top revenue-generating products per category, store, and region.

retail ecommerce noram

Grow Your eCommerce Faster with Real-Time Retail Analytics

Quickly assess your product performance and monitor your top revenue-generating products across categories and regions. Track key metrics like your sales value, margin rate, orders/returns ratio, and more with this dashboard template.