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Import, connect and standardize your data into a single, powerful, cloud-based data warehouse.

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View your key indicators and performance metrics, always up to date, any time you want.

Custom Dashboards

Simply drag and drop features to build persuasive, informative, interactive, actionable dashboards.


Social BI

Share data, insights, metrics, and reports with the groups and individuals you choose.

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Keep track of your Business health

Get alerts about budget deviations or key metric performances. Your ClicData Business dashboards will refresh data as frequently as you need so you can always be on top of what matters to you.


“ClicData gives us a dynamic representation of all the relevant KPIs measuring our business progress at the best price possible. We can access all the data we need and show our results in real time.”
Alexandre – COO, Rad.

Project progress

Is your project meeting its milestones according to plan? Will you fulfill your delivery promises? ClicData easily reports progress and performance of your projects. No matter how complex your data is, ClicData can clarify, organize and make sense of it.


“ClicData has been a huge time saver for us. We have already created over 70 dashboards and each person knows exactly how they are making an impact. For every new question, we can create new business dashboards quickly and share critical information in a clear, concise manner with the appropriate team members.”
Karn – Director of Operations, Onsharp.

Marketing campaigns

Tell the story of your campaign’s performance to your team, your boss and your customers. ClicData Business dashboards give you the real time insights you need.

visio media

“I recommend ClicData to everyone. It’s a valuable tool for making sense of data with ease. With ClicData’s help, we’ve streamlined our client services and freed up extra time for our account managers.”
Nicolette – Co-Founder, Visio Media.

City management

Display election information and track staffing at a municipality and ward level. ClicData’s custom dashboards facilitate up-to-the minute information exchange, among many functions of public services.

wavelength scytl logo

“We partner with ClicData to incorporate dashboards in our platform to display election information and track staffing at a municipality and ward level.”
Brock – Project Manager, Wavelength.

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Take your business to the next level. Improve analysis delivery with our ClicData interactive format and process your clients’ data faster with ClicData ETL features.

fds consultants

“With ClicData, we’ve updated and published our dashboards to our clients and it has saved us lots of time. Our ability to present data that way has certainly elevated us above our competition.”
Anne – Head of Operations, FDS Consultants.

Expert Services

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Let our business analysts come up with the perfect automated reporting for you at an accessible cost.

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