We help you turn your business routine into Business Intelligence.

How ClicData became the first end-to-end BI platform

Check out the podcast where our CEO Telmo Silva shared his journey on how he started ClicData, his vision, and also the ambition for future developments that he aims to shape our platform into.

The podcast also includes a discussion about how we can incorporate machine learning into BI software to improve data connectivity & performance, data preparation & transformation.

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Our Vision of Business Intelligence

We believe that current dashboarding tools are just too complex and static.

In a world where users are expected to be super-agile and fast, heavy duty software is not the answer. We knew that we could enable complex analysis of complex data with a not-so-complex tool. A tool that would actually meet users real needs, that would emphasize the ‘intelligence’ part of Business Intelligence.

If we had to boil it down, we exist so that all businesses, large or small, with and without IT departments, have access to an agile, dynamic way of handling large volumes of data in the most straightforward way possible.

We are focused on changing the way BI Software world for the better.

Join Our Team

ClicData is a great place to work. Our team works in a fun and exciting environment where we let our creativity play with fresh concepts and new tech gadgets. We are constantly working on innovative solutions to make technology accessible to business users. And we’re always on the lookout for talented, creative people. Apply here if you’d like to join us.