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High performance, intelligent connectors to integrate with almost any system, database or file, on-premise or in the cloud.

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Integrate with hundreds of data sources, instantly.

  • Databases

    Database connectors for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Maria DB, SQL Server and many others using ODBC. Document or NoSQL databases such as DynamoDB, Cassandra, and Mongo DB.

  • Storage

    File storage connectors for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3 and many others to retrieve spreadsheets (xls, xlsx, ods), CSV/tab, fixed length, and Parquet files.

  • Web services API

    Connect to APIs based on REST or OAUTH, with 8 different authentication methods, throttling, pagination and many other features. A Swiss knife of connectivity. 

  • Cloud Apps

    We have native connectors to many of the most well known cloud apps such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, Keap, Podio, and many more.

  • Data by Email

    Automated reception and processing of Data by Email with CSV, XLS, XLSX as attachments, in ZIP or GZIP archives.

  • Web Analytics & Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and many more are all available.

  • FTP and HTTP

    Connect to SFTP/S and HTTP/S servers hosting files. Automated folder or single file processing, including moving, archiving and deletion.

  • Enterprise Applications

    If you are using on-premise or cloud enterprise applications such as SAP, QuickBooks,  Salesforce, XERO, NetSuite, ServiceNow and many others, we can connect them and perform delta loads.

  • Cloud Databases

    If you are handling Big Data in places such as Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, SnowFlake and Azure Synapse, we can connect to them and many others using native high performance APIs.

  • GraphQL

    Looking at connecting to the latest way of accessing APIs using GraphQL? Our GraphQL connector taps into the power of Graph Query Language to provide you paginated, synched data.

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Smart Connectors

Many of our connectors go beyond simple SQL connectors.
They have built in intelligence to bring in related data, handle
throttling and pagination, and much much more,
so that your data is ready for visualization.

platform data integration bulk

Bulk, Batch, Delta
or Real-Time Update

Bulk import data into your account or send it in batches. You can perform updates and appends or both using delta loads to minimize data transfer costs and lower transfer time. For Real Time Data you can use our API or webhooks.

platform data integration data loader

Leave Your Data
Where It Is

Our ClicData Data Loader application does not require any special port other than HTTPS to transfer data in a secure way between your files and databases behind the firewall and your cloud Data Warehouse.

platform data integration api

First Class API

A robust, industry standard, REST based API capable of appending, updating, and deleting rows instantly for Real Time Data management.  Webhook receiver for Real Time data processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to data behind a firewall either on-premise or on the cloud?

Yes.  Our Data Loader application can be installed behind the firewall and will serve as a one way bridge of data to ClicData, using 3 levels of compression and security.  The Data Loader is available in Windows, OSX and Linux and can be configured to optimize for very fast performance using a batch trickle process.

Can you connect directly to databases over the internet?

Yes we can as long as you allow our IP addresses.  Additionally we recommend for you to secure the connections with SSH/SSL certificates and other methods depending on your database capabilities.

Can you connect to REST or SOAP endpoints?

Yes we can!  Our Web Service connector gives you the power to connect to hundreds of APIs REST or SOAP with payloads in JSON, XML or plain text format.  This connector is so powerful that it allows to handle the most complex API requirements such as pagination, throttling, dynamic headers, multiple ID calls and much more.

Can you do real-time data?

Using our API and webhooks, you can program your source systems to send data in real-time directly to ClicData. 

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