Performant & Scalable

Designed for the Cloud. Built for Growth.

Operating in 6 data centers around the world on top of the world's largest cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, ClicData will meet the most strict demands of our customers both in functionality as well as in performance.

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During your data journey, you may need to do calculations, matching of data, transformations, and many other processing tasks that require processing power in the form of CPU cores.

Our standard plans are hosted in multi-core servers and our Enterprise Dedicated plans can scale up to 80 cores.


Our platform's processing engine utilizes a variety of techniques to optimize your data for analytical and storage.

By analyzing your data we select different storage methods such as Row or Page compression, Columnstore and Storage archiving to ensure your storage goes a long way.


Our customers synchronize and refresh data thousands of times per hour from a variety of data sources and locations.  Through Microsoft Azure, ClicData's internet connectivity is the fastest and most reliable in the world.

We can load data from other online platforms, directly as many are hosted in Azure, Amazon and Google all operating high capacity and speed fiber lines.


High Availability

Our platform is hosted in multiple regions around the world in multiple servers that can handle increases in user and load demands. Data is replicated to secondary databases that immediately take over if the primary fails.

We monitor availability 24/7 to ensure we provide the highest degree of up-time (>99.9%) possible - including updates.


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Shared Plans

Our shared plans are hosted in large scale, multi-tenant databases and can comfortably handle most of the requirements up to and including 100 GB of storage and process multi-million row tables.

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Enterprise Dedicated

Our Enterprise Dedicated subscriptions are database and processing resources reserved just for you.  There are 8 different levels to chose from depending on your workload and volume all the way up to 8 TB.