In addition to our professional services and product teams, we collaborate with customers, partners to produce webinars with a wide variety of topics and for many different sectors.


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webinar better data management data flow

Better Data Management & Transformation with New Data Flow Module

The name is a hint: you are building flows from A to Z with our new Data Flow module. This means that all the data cleaning, calculations, and such now happen in a unique visual interface where each step can be easily documented and understood by all users. We are…

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webinar retail improving inventory management

Data in retail: How to improve your inventory management in 2023

Managing inventory for e-commerce or retail businesses is a challenge due to their vast array of products, fast movement, and huge order quantities. Scrubbed, a company that provides advisory support services to its clients has identified common inventory issues among its clients and has offered them solutions using ClicData. In this…

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Our Webinars

Watch our webinars on topics ranging from data analytics, data visualization, data management to business performance.

webinar creating effective data design patterns

Creating Effective Data Design Patterns to Simplify Reporting

Join us on Tuesday, July 11th 3PM GMT.   In this webinar, our analysts will take you…

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webinar product june 2023

ClicData Product Webinar – New Features & Roadmap for 2023

We know how much you love our product webinars, so we prepared a very exciting one with…

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webinar building solid data strategy

Building a Solid Data Strategy & Roadmap

You probably have a sales and marketing strategy, a customer service strategy, but do you have a…

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webinar data analytics in marketing

Marketing Data Analytics: Why Isn’t It Delivering On Its Promises

Data analytics has moved to the mainstream. Over 80% of marketing professionals deem data analytics highly important…

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webinar advanced data security

Advanced Security Features in ClicData

Dive into ClicData’s advanced security features which include: Complex Password requirements and force change Active Directory and…

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webinar visualize locations

Visualizing Locations and Regions in ClicData

Do you know how to visualize locations & regions in ClicData? If you have latitude and longitude…

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webinar white label clicdata

White Label & UI Customization

In this webinar, we will walk you through our White Label functionalities to make ClicData YOUR end-to-end…

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webinar advanced google analytics dashboard

Build Advanced Google Analytics Dashboard

Want to learn more about your website visitors & their behaviors using interactive and custom dashboards? This…

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webinar woocommerce data analytics

Getting the most out of your WooCommerce Data with ClicData

Looking to dig deeper into your WooCommerce data? In this webinar, discover how with ClicData, you can:…

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webinar calculating ads roi

Marketing Analytics: Calculating ROI & CLTV

Learn how to combine your sales, e-commerce, and Google Ads in a single marketing dashboard to calculate…

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webinar consolidating multiple xero accounts

Consolidate Multiple Xero Accounts in an Insightful Report

In this webinar, learn how to connect, combine multiple Xero accounts data and build custom dashboards. On…

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webinar future of bi 2019

2019: The Future of BI & ClicData

What’s the next hot thing in BI? If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re at the right place!…

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