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Best Darn Dashboard Solution for E-Commerce

If you run a small e-commerce business, there’s no denying the fact that you need a fully functioning dashboard solution to keep you in control of your business performance and give you the competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether you just launched yesterday, or...

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Are You Sure You Want to Build that Data Warehouse?

Be honest with yourself. Would you want to build your own CRM or accounting application? I’m guessing you’ll say ‘No.’ And why not? Because it would be too complex, too time consuming, too costly, and require management of developers and development of infrastructure?...

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API, Web Services and Webhooks Explained

In this age of cloud-computing and SaaS applications, we hear a lot about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how they can let us connect any application to any other application. Finally, we’re told, everything in the whole world can work as one. We also...

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Dashboards To Help You Manage Up

"An effective relationship with your boss increases the likelihood of success in your job." — John Ballard, Decoding the Workplace: 50 Keys to Understanding People in Organizations I once had a boss who was paranoid and trusted no one. When I look back on it now, I...

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Relying on Excel Could Be Costing You Big Time

Since it came to market in 1985, Excel has been the runaway go-to solution for personal and business use. It seemed to be able to handle it all, from calculations and schedules to budgets, projects, charting, planning, forecasting, and more. Large businesses have used...

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Use Formulas with Ease with ClicData

Let’s be honest. BI dashboards are really only as good as the metrics and insights they provide to their users. The more complex calculations that can be put in play behind the scenes, the more meaningful the insights, and the greater their value to the business. Yet...

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ClicData Plus WooCommerce Means Business

Using WooCommerce? You’re in good company. It’s become an exceptionally popular e-commerce platform—and for good reason. For a free plug-in, it’s a friendly, customizable, feature-rich, and fast way to launch and manage an online store. But for entrepreneurs who want...

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