Analyze Sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 2)

In Part 1 of this Blog we gave a brief description of Sentiment Analysis and described the challenges associated with it. If you are reading this then you are determined to continue on this adventure – good for you! Before proceeding, please be aware that this blog is a lot more technical than Part 1,…

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Sentiment analysis

Analyze sentiment with Opinion Text Mining (PART 1)

Sentiment or opinion analysis is a data mining technique that attempts to determine if a person or a group of people have a certain perception of a product, a company, an event, pretty much everything for which you can gather feedback in text format. One popular use is to analyze social media comments, especially from…

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and (2)

CLICDATA VS. QLIK VIEW: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

QlikView—pronounced “klik-view” and not “kyoo-lik-view”—is one of a suite of BI products by QlikTech. The rest include Qlik Sense, Qlik Replicate, Qlik Compose, Qlik Gold Client, Qlik Enterprise Manager, Qlik Catalog, Qlik NPrinting,, and Attunity. QlikView’s future is probably limited since Qlik Sense is the company’s new flagship product, and QlikView will ultimately be…

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budget time

Budget Time? Sell Yours With These 7 Tips

ClicData has been helping marketing managers and leaders make decisions critical to their business success for many years. And budget time is an especially critical time when optimal decisions need to be made as efficiently as possible. But planning and budgeting marketing strategies come with a unique challenge. To prepare, strategize, and plan for the…

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Snowflake and clicdata

Drive Cost-efficient Strategies Faster with ClicData and Snowflake

Why should you combine Snowflake and ClicData? Since we added the Snowflake connector, many of our customers have asked us about Snowflake, wanting to know more about it. Some were confused, too, because both Snowflake and ClicData offer a cloud-based, scalable data warehouse feature, and people didn’t understand why we’d want to offer a connector…

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future of fitness

Future of Fitness: Manage Business Better with Data Analytics

It’s no secret that fitness businesses have felt the squeeze since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The health and fitness industry lost $13.9 billion in the US alone from March 15 to August 31, 2021. Naturally, many clubs have needed to redesign their operations to cope with COVID-19. For many businesses, this has meant…

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bi help with your crm data and grow your sales

How BI Can Help with Your CRM Data Analysis and Grow Your Sales

Making tough business decisions isn’t always easy, but it helps to have the correct data to validate each move you make. Two valuable data sources are your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).      By connecting your CRM data to your business intelligence platform, you will be able to: Analyze data to make more…

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sales report with pipedrive

Enhance Your Sales Reports with ClicData & Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a solid CRM made for small and medium-sized businesses that need a simple, efficient, and clean CRM application. With Pipedrive, you can get your team up and running in just a few minutes with great features such as email integration, built-in dial/voice capabilities, strong lead and deal management, and even some more advanced…

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nps cover

How to leverage your NPS to improve customer retention

Here’s an age-old question for you: is it cheaper for your business to attract a new customer or win back the business of an old one? If you guessed that it’s cheaper to retain a customer, you’d be right.  On average, it costs 6-7 times less to win repeat business from a loyal customer than…

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customer analytics play an important role for sales

Why Customer Analytics Plays an Important Role for Your Sales

No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, we are all on the lookout for ways to improve our sales processes. From coming up with new cold pitches to trying out new tools for lead generation and scraping customer data, we always look for a better way to get more sales.  However,…

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5 tell tale signs of bad data management

5 Tell-Tale Signs of Bad Data Management

Data management can be understood as the practical strategies you implement to collect, analyze, organize and maintain valuable information. We use effective and standardized data management policies and procedures to reduce human error and build trust to meet consumers’ needs and market demands.  In the business world, data management makes an impact by providing decision-makers…

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social media data becomes business intelligence data

How Social Media Data is Fast Becoming Business Intelligence Data

The information you post on social media may be playing a bigger role in business strategy than you think. Companies in a post-COVID world of remote work can organize data from the social channels that their consumers use for new insights into lead generation, customer engagement, brand awareness, and much more. But building organic reach…

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healthcare revenue cycle management business intelligence

Find the Profit In Your Healthcare Practice’s RCM System

Even as medical practices focus on the well-being and care of their patients, as a business, they must be profitable. That’s why Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)—the processes that healthcare systems use to track revenue from patients’ first appointments to final payments—is essential to a successful practice. But as I work with businesses using RCM, I…

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