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blog retail store performance dashboard examples

Retail Store Performance: Dashboard Examples and KPIs

How would you determine if your store performance is trending in the right direction? Many elements should be considered: the sales actuals against targets, the…

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blog data management in marketing operations

5 Ways Marketing Data Management Improves Business Operations and CX

Marketers need data — and lots of it — to create successful campaigns and bring in that all-important revenue. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of data…

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blog benefits financial data cleansing

6 Key Benefits of Data Cleansing in Financial Data

Any finance team is only as good as its data and data handling capabilities. Data drives pretty much every decision, insight, and strategy in finance,…

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blog sales pipeline forecast

How To Build a Sales Pipeline Forecast For Your Sales Team

Sales pipelines aren’t just a cog in the machine; they’re the rhythm that keeps industries like tech, finance, and consulting groovin’. From that initial “Hi,…

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blog mongodb analytics clicdata

Leveraging MongoDB Analytics with ClicData: A Comprehensive Guide

You probably know this better than anybody, effective data management and analytics are pivotal for business success. ClicData stands out as a robust platform, offering…

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blog best data management software smb

What Is The Best Data Management Software for SMBs

Data has become the key driving force for modern businesses. Organizations spend significant time and resources gathering data to make the right decisions. However, with…

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blog azure openai clicdata partnership

Protected: Leveraging Azure and OpenAI in ClicData: A Game-Changer in Data Management & Analytics

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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blog how to measure roi in social media

B2C Marketing: How To Measure ROI In Social Media

In an increasingly data-driven world, where insights are just a click away, the role of comprehensive data integration in marketing can’t be overstated.  Failing to…

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blog use case tbs gestion site ecommerce

TBS Manages Its E-Commerce Shop Performance Efficiently With ClicData

The e-commerce market is evolving at a fast pace, which requires brands to handle their available data efficiently to remain competitive. TBS, a fashion brand…

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blog data administration small businesses

Data Administration: Definition & Practical Guide For Small Businesses

Data Administration. Ugh. That sounds like another boring corporate term that you should not care about. The literature on the topic sure doesn’t help you…

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blog customer intelligence

Customer Intelligence: Still Wondering Why Your Marketing Plans Aren’t Working?

Every day we marketers are bombarded with the latest buzzwords that promise to fix our marketing strategy. Your LinkedIn feed is likely full of buzzwords…

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blog carrefour use case featured

Carrefour Brazil Optimizes Stock and Sales Reporting With ClicData

Learn how Carrefour, a French multinational retail and wholesaling corporation streamlined their stock and sales reports with ClicData, a data management and analytics platform. About…

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blog cross channel marketing attribution

A Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing Attribution: Connecting the Dots for ROI

Tracking qualified leads down the funnel from a single marketing channel is already a daunting task. Introduce a second channel into the mix, and you’re…

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blog data management challenges

Data Management Challenges Decoded: Your Playbook for Success

We’re exploring data management challenges and offering insights to help you transform your data into a valuable asset for informed decision-making and business success. Amid…

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fitness park use case

How Fitness Park Accurately Monitors Marketing ROI with ClicData

By increasing the quality of their data and fixing most of their erroneous data, Fitness Park’s Data & CRM department was able to measure accurately…

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