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blog zero etl

Zero-ETL: The Next Best Thing or Another Buzz Word?

No-ETL processes have gained popularity in recent years, especially in the context of big data and cloud computing. What is Zero-ETL? The idea behind Zero-ETL…

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blog ai marketing personalization versus privacy

AI Marketing: The Game of Personalisation vs Privacy 

AI, AI. Everyone’s talking about AI. Even AI’s talking about AI. But it’s for a good reason.   This year, artificial intelligence has completely transformed how…

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blog ethical retail marketing possible with ai

Humans Vs Robots: Is Ethical Retail Marketing Possible With AI? 

It’s an age-old question. When the robot revolution happens will humans be replaced? Will every job be automated? Will society be changed forever? Okay, maybe…

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blog introducing clicdata reports

Everything you need to know to build your first Report!

Did you ever wonder how to create beautiful reporting documents, that can be printed out on multiple pages or shared in PDF format? Search no…

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blog rts 2023 event sessions recap

Retail Technology Show: Event Session Recap

With 100+ speakers on stage at the Retail Technology Event, the possibilities and insights were endless. But what was the word said more than any…

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blog data encryption how to protect business data

What Business Data Should You Protect With Encryption? Avoid the Disaster

Running any kind of business today without collecting user data is nearly impossible. All companies may hold confidential client information on their servers, whether they…

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blog hubspot aircall clicdata integration

Super-Charge Your Sales & Marketing Performance with HubSpot, Aircall and ClicData

Are you tired of struggling with data silos between your sales and marketing teams? Do you find it challenging to measure the performance of your…

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blog customer segmentation use case

Customer Segmentation: A Data-Driven Approach To Improving Customer Experience

In this post, you will learn how data analytics enabled one of our clients to build customer segmentation and helped them tailor online marketing strategies…

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blog retail trends

3 Retail Trends You Should Care About in 2023

The world of retail is always changing, and 2023 is no exception. With the expansion of buy now pay later providers, the rise of omnichannel…

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blog ai hot topic rpa real deal sme

AI is the hot topic, but RPA is the real deal for SMEs

On average, 15% of companies in the UK have adopted at least one artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with 34% of those medium-sized and 15% small….

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blog snapshots smart data processing

Transforming Data Processing Into a Smarter Process with Snapshots

Snapshots are a handy feature available to all users in ClicData. They are copies of any dataset at a point in time, that can be…

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blog 2023 data trends

2023’s Top 3 Data Trends and Predictions for Businesses

Data, and its resulting insights, are vital for any modern business. We all know this. But with 2023 well and truly underway, we need to…

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blog clicdata data templates

Data Templates for Better Efficiency and Analytics

Designed to make your life easier, our ready-to-use data templates help you in your data modeling process. There are currently three types of data templates…

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blog 2023 trends smes

2023 Trends in Digitalisation for SMEs

Let’s face it, the UK economy has seen better days. We’ve been hit hard these past few years, and yet through it all, SMEs continue…

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blog data analytics and your restaurant

The Perfect Recipe: How Data Increase Your Restaurant’s Profits 

It’s a tough world out there for a restaurateur, budding or established. Patrons are spending a smaller percentage of their income on eating out, energy…

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