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Keys to Become a Successful Customer Success Manager

The success or failure of the customer experience can be a make-or-break issue for an online company. As churn rate has increasingly become a critical metric for judging their success, Saas/Cloud-based organizations are opting to put in place a Customer Success...

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What’s Our Secret Sauce?

$15 dollars. That is how much money I would have if I had a nickel each time someone asked me what is ClicData's "Secret Sauce". In fact, at times I started to joke around and answered that it was a kind of "Marinara mixed with peppers and extra garlic" which mostly...

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The Problem With Company Manifestos

Recently I have been concerned about the rate of our growth as a company. Admittedly, it is a great problem to have but if it is not done right then company growth will stale, customers may be impacted, employee morale will go down. I have personally experienced...

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The Top 15 Marketing KPIs for Small Business

No business owner or manager wants to waste time, money, or resources on marketing activities that aren’t performing. By tracking marketing key performance indicators (KPIs), your company can learn how to fulfil your marketing goals most cost-effectively. And while...

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