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Customize Dashboards Css

Customize Your ClicData Dashboards With Additional CSS

ClicData supports a wide range of customization on all of its widgets and dashboards which allows most users to make it look just the way they’d like. However, there are instances, for example matching a corporate style template, where you may want to take the customization a bit further than the widget settings will allow.…

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Blog How To Make Simple Financial Reports

How To Make A Simple Financial Report

Financial reporting does not have to be a painful process! In most companies, even the most basic financial KPIs can be quite difficult not only to create but also to maintain in order to ensure that everyone is working with the most updated numbers. In other cases, these 2 steps actually work well and it’s…

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The Future Of Bi Clicdata

The Future of BI and ClicData 2019/2020

No surprise—big software companies reign.  Acquisition after acquisition, merger by merger, one by one, the big guys get bigger. All that seems to be left are those costly, old on-premises software or complex new “cloud” software. But there’s hope. Having secured loyal and knowledgeable customers, ClicData has established itself as the up and coming, next-generation,…

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Logging User Activity For Better Performance

Logging User Activity for a Better Experience

The use of logs in any application is typically centered around logging unexpected application events, performance issues, failures or security alerts. At ClicData we use logs extensively to monitor outliers, increase in activity, increase in errors, and hundreds of processes that take place every second. Typically the documents or tables storing these logs are frequently…

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Top 5 2019 Features Clicdata

ClicData 2019 Top 5 Features You Must Try

In 2019, ClicData released many unique features to expand its functional horizons while also accommodating the needs of end —with more to come. Out of the many cool features released this year, we have compiled the Top 5 Features of 2019 as we believe these features can increase the visual impact, effectiveness, and readability of…

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Experts Sites Are Experts But At What

Expert Review Sites Are Experts, But At What?

Being the Vice President of Sales for a SaaS company exposes me to many things, one of them being review software review sites, like Capterra, G2Crowd, GetApp, Software Advice, Appvizer, and more. According to the sites themselves, their purpose is to provide the means to “discover the best app to grow your business.” They tell…

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Blog Working With Cache Clicdata

How to Work With Cache Views On ClicData

ClicData provides the ability to extract, transform and load your data into the platform so that you can prepare the calculations for your dashboards.  Not a lot of technical knowledge is required since we provide visual capabilities of data manipulation.  However, there are a couple of advanced features and concepts that need to be mastered…

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How E-Commerce Vendors Can Leverage Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel is one of the top buzzwords in digital marketing, but it’s also much more than a short-term trend. Omnichannel marketing is already disrupting practices in nearly every sector, and its impact will only continue to grow over time. If you’re not familiar with omnichannel strategies and how they contribute to a multichannel marketing approach,…

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BI For Omnichannel Retailers

3 Business Intelligence Opportunities For Omnichannel Retailers

Every key player in the retail industry has moved or is trying to move to a data-driven organization. To be truly successful in giving customers a consistent experience across all channels, analyzing past and predict future customer behaviors is critical: only real-time data can allow that to happen! Business Intelligence for omnichannel retail, if performed…

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Data Science Trends 2019

Top 14 Crucial Data Science Trends in 2019

There are a considerable number of data and analytics trends to prep for in 2019. As time goes on, it’s really important to take note of the present trend so that you can better explore the world of data science. We are all past the fact that big data and advanced analytics are very important-…

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PMP Concepts Small Projects

Are The PMP Concepts Applicable To Smaller-Scale Projects?

The PMI institute, through the PMBOK® (The Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide book, gives us a fundamental resource for effective project management in any industry. They also provide great advice on how to tailor down the concepts to your project, team, industry. In my opinion, this book is a powerful tool that provides a detailed…

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Etl Mistakes Building Bi

Critical ETL Mistakes When Building Your BI Solution

Let’s face it, typically you need an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process to build your BI solution. By some accounts, this can be a considerable effort; some industry estimates indicate that it takes up to 80% of any data warehouse or BI budget. While there are many well-documented strategies and lessons-learned out there, some…

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Blog Ecommerce Analysis Dashboard Clicdata

Powerful E-Commerce Analysis of Your WooCommerce Data

Whatever e-commerce tool you use for your business, it undoubtedly comes with some reporting capabilities. But while it may be a great foundation to set up your online shop, it likely falls short when it comes to providing the insightful, meaningful, and actionable data analysis you need to help you rise to the top of…

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Gaming Developers Can Learn Data Analysis

What Can Gaming Developers Find With Data Analysis?

Modern companies in virtually every industry can benefit from data analysis. This is something we’re beginning to accept blindly as a general statement. However, it can always be interesting to look into what any specific business or industry can hope to gain through big data, and in this case, we’re looking at a fairly complex…

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