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We are engineers, analysts, sales and marketing professionals,
all with a a passion for data and helping organizations.

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We Are

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We focus on our customers, help them solve their problems and make them successful. 

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We thrive on helping each other and our customers and partners.

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Innovation and excellence without compromise.

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Data Experts

We get data.  We code it, we shape it, we visualize it every single day.

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Sometimes, there is more than one way to find the solution.

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Making it good is not enough, we make it awesome!  

A brief history of ClicData

2015 - The Launch of ClicData

After 5+ years of Research and Development, we launched ClicData, the first native cloud, end-to-end data analytics and BI platform. 

2017 - Expanding

ClicData now offers 5 data center locations around the world to host and process data.  We process over 10,000 dashboards a day, and millions of rows of data daily.

2019 - Growth

Reached a milestone of over 1,000 customers in 20 countries.  Processing over 100,000 dashboards daily and thousands of tables per hour.

2022 - Rapid Global Growth

Closed a funding round to accelerate ClicData's hypergrowth strategy.  Increased our team in all continents and added even more functionality to the platform.

Our Leadership Team

rend stephan

Rend Stephan


Rend is on a mission to help companies and leaders thrive in a world of information overload and exponential complexity – by refocusing on what really matters. He has extensive experience in non-complex growth, as well as BI from the user’s perspective. 20-years global career at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). His book Anti-Complex™ is available on all major platforms.

Hélène Clary

VP Europe & Founder

Helene is a passionate Marketing & Sales executive with over 20 years of international Business Development experience primarily in the healthcare and technology sectors. Her sweet spot lies in accelerating entrepreneurship growth by driving and aligning content marketing strategies, customer engagement and affiliate programs.

telmo silva

Telmo Silva

CTO & Founder

Telmo has more than 25 years global experience in implementing technologies to improve business processes. As VP of Services for a global consulting company, and a Global IT Manager for a top 10 pharmaceutical company, he witnessed first-hand how BI tools are too complex and why they rarely add long-term value to the business: the idea of a powerful yet simple data platform was born with ClicData.