data sharing


Make your organization
data-driven and data-centric


Automatically publish your insightful dashboards
and reports to specific users, teams, or clients,
via any channel (email, Slack, mobile, etc.)

Multichannel data and dashboard sharing

bi self service

Interactive Dashboards Anywhere

Share dashboards with your team, board members or clients with Live Link. Access them from any browser and users can interact with it in real time. Or embed dashboards directly into your portal, web application or mobile app.

real time data

Scheduled Publications
in Many Formats

Automate the delivery of dashboards and data to your users and teams by email or Slack. Send the dashboards in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or as an image snapshot. You can also send personalized messages with embedded formulas to every user.

selfservice bi

Business Intelligence

The ClicData application can serve as your company portal for Business Intelligence. White label the platform to customize the login page, menus, headers, and what the users see and access on their home pages. Everything is customizable and secure.

Set it up once and forget about it

automatic data refreshes

data refreshes

ClicData allows you to set custom schedules to refresh your data and update your dashboards in real-time. This way, your office staff and remote teams are always aligned on a single version of the truth.

automatic alerts


Becoming a data-driven organization also means being able to act quickly upon changes in performance. Trigger alerts by email or on the mobile app if critical data changes, or if thresholds are met and immediately act on it.

automatic dashboard or data sharing

Automatic dashboard
or data sharing

Remember the times when you had to manually send out reports to Management or clients? Now, you can automatically email dashboards and up-to-date data to specific users or teams without even thinking about it. Just focus on your job.

Your dashboard and data anywhere, at anytime

ClicData is device-agnostic. Whether you're working remotely, at the office, always in travels - your data and dashboards are right at your fingertips. Our dashboards are fully responsive to make your data easy to read on all screens, whether it's a 50" or 6" screen.


With our mobile applications you can:

  • View dashboards
  • Filter, zoom-in and drilldown
  • Export to PDF
  • Send dashboards by email

  • Print dashboards
  • Stream via AirPlay (iOS)
  • Receive alerts

and more…

Keep your data safe and secure

secured account access

account access

Centralize your security in one place with Single Sign-On. With Two-Factor Authentication you get an extra layer of authentication in addition to your credentials. Go the extra mile by setting up a strong password policy on your ClicData account.

account activity monitoring

Account activity

Keep track of who does what when, what dashboards are viewed and which ones are not. View activity by User, IP address, date/time and action, monitor access to data and dashboards.

user management


Your account comes with a specific number of users which can be Viewers, Editors or Administrators. Organize your users into teams and set access rights for the entire group making it much easier to manage.

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ClicData has made their life much easier

“ClicData enables the user to share the dashboards with the team members or other places on the internet. If any data is updated, instead of updating the data, it is automatically updated.”

Source: Capterra

“We now have all our key data in one place. We’ve managed to build a source of truth and can now easily & securely share the right data with the right people by using live links.”

Source: Capterra

“ClicData is visually dynamic and great for external audiences looking for a quick snapshot of data or benchmarks. Live links make it easy to share reporting with clients”

Source: Capterra

“With ClicData, we’ve updated and published our dashboards to our clients, and it has saved us lots of time. Our ability to present data that way has certainly elevated us above our competition.”

Source: Capterra

“I love that the page layout can be adjusted for different devices. This, paired with the ability to publish & share reports via a URL, allows users to quickly distribute information.”

Source: Capterra

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