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Create cutting-edge data visualizations and reports

Use our extensive library
of widgets - data visualization tools - to create
modern and interactive dashboards and reports.

Modern dashboards to tell your data story

any data visualization

Any Data

With over 70 widgets and many possible customizations in style, format and shape, design the perfect dashboard for everyone. Use features such as conditional formatting, expand and collapse styles, conditional visibility and more to make the metrics stand out.

easy to use designer

Easy-to-use Designer

Our no-installation, cross-browser dashboard designer is unique allowing for full control and configuration of every visualization widgets. Create dashboards for your laptop, mobile device, or large screens with our responsive designer.

one dashboard for everyone

One Dashboard
for Everyone

Build one dashboard and add user or team parameterization to filter the data automatically depending on who is looking at it.
Create any type of parameter to filter the data, customize the dashboard and hide or display visual layouts.

Fully interactive dashboards

drill down and navigate

and Navigate

Click on a column in a bar chart or a table and drill-down into your detailed data or a different dashboard. Select a row on a table and filter the entire dashboard. All easily setup from the interactions tab on each widget.

launch third party applications

Launch Third
Party Applications

Add interactions to your dashboards to open up other applications or specific pages with more details. Directly link to a campaign, or a list of contacts, invoices or products from your dashboard to detailed transactions with widget interactions.

custom filtering and time comparison

Custom filtering
and time comparison

Filter your sales by region or your revenue per channel to get to a more granular performance analysis. Compare performance over time with your own date range – MoM, Fiscal Year, same week last year, totally up to you.


  • Intuitive report builder
  • Multi-page reports
  • Report parametrization
  • Pixel-perfect reports

Easy and smart drag-and-drop widgets

ClicData allows you to transform data into dashboards through a powerful interactive dashboard designer. Start visualizing performance, trends, forecasts and results with charts, gauges, indicators, tables and much more in just a few minutes with our drag-and-drop dashboard tool.

Drag & drop data on dashboard

Product Sales

Web Site

Profitability by Divison

Expense Forecast

Sales by Regions

Sales with Drilldown

Cash Balance

Web Site Referrals

Click to edit title
Drag & drop data here
Drag & drop data here
Drag & drop data here
Drag & drop data here

They're raving about our dashboard designer

“I loved that I could create specific dashboards bundled into binders, all with automated data sources. This way I could monitor all the relevant aspects of my automation campaigns on a daily basis.”

Source: Capterra

“ClicData gives us a dynamic representation of all the relevant KPIs measuring our business progress at the best price possible. We can access all the data we need and show our results in real-time.”

Source: Capterra

“The intuitive graphics help me visually monitor performance and quickly navigate through large and complex sets of data to identify performance priorities. ClicData provides us with a powerful yet affordable BI tool we need to make data actionable.”

Source: Capterra

“ClicData has a large range of dashboard templates. They are all very comprehensive and customizable. I love the variety of widgets we can choose from. They all look modern and perform well, giving me great data visualization.”

Source: Capterra

“With ClicData, we instantly understood how it all worked, the dashboard designer is very intuitive. That was a big hit for me.”

Source: Capterra

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