data warehouse


Turn messy data into
structured data

Load raw data into your own data warehouse, then transform it, enrich it, clean it up, join and fusion datasets.

Your own Data Warehouse and Data Lake

centralize your data 1

your Data

Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Document Storage - benefit from all types of storage to have all your data in a scalable, secure, and centralized place for fast and efficient analytics. Hosted in any country on Microsoft Azure.

any type of data

Any type
of data

Store structured or unstructured data from spreadsheets, databases, JSON and XML files. Go beyond text and numerical data and store images, videos, audio and binary data to complement your analytics.

data versionning history 1

Data versioning
and history

Your historical data is retained in our data warehouse irrespective of your systems' availability. If you migrate applications, or your data supplier stops sending you historical data, you will not lose a single byte.

Powerful Data Transformation and Cleansing

data flow

Data Flow

Optimize your data using our Views and Data Flow: apply transformations, filter or de-duplicate data, join separate datasets from different sources, and add calculated columns to enrich the baseline data.

data fusion merge

Data Fusion & Merge

With Data Fusion, combine data from multiple sales reps, stores, warehouses, plants into a consolidated data set.
With Data Merge, join data from disparate data sets into a single view simply by defining the relationships between them.

data stream

Data Stream

Use our Data Stream module to push data out to other systems and storage applications such as Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Or use our API to feed downstream processes with cleansed or/and enriched data in near real-time.

Designed to make data management easy

data management

They're raving about our data management features

“The built-in ETL module in ClicData freed us from IT interventions to do data transformations and processing. We were able to implement ClicData ourselves and be operational very quickly to start building dashboards for us and our customers.”

Source: Capterra

“Transforming data, in order to further streamline the output, is simple and easy. The drag & drop functionality and testing of queries also makes it easy for non-developers to perform several functions without assistance.”

Source: Capterra

“The ability to transform and merge data from disparate sources makes it possible to build dashboards that would otherwise require significant time from our engineering team.”

Source: Capterra

“I had a chance to clean up my data, merge some tables and add advanced transformations in a few clicks. The results are clear and simple with the dedicated tailor-made dashboards.”

Source: Capterra

“The data transformation toolset has a lot of options and is easy to use. For an Excel user at the beginning, it seems odd, but rapidly you realize that the classic spreadsheet software is not the tool to deliver information to your users.”

Source: Capterra

“This data platform is everything you need to meet your reporting needs and is great value, especially when you consider that you don’t need any servers, data warehouses, or locally installed software.”

Source: Capterra

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