google analytics dashboards

Connect your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to grow your website's audience.

Track Clicks, Impressions, Conversionsin a Single Dashboard

Combine your Google Analytics, Google Adwords and even your Google Analytics Query Explorer data to build powerful and meaningful reports. Analyze your campaigns results, learn about your audience behaviour and your website performance from a single, up to date dashboard.


google analytics integration

Use our native Google Analytics connector, schedule data refreshes and create your dashboard from scratch or using our dashboard template.


Google Ads integration

Track your campaigns performance using our Google Ads native connector. Track impressions, CTR and bounces, costs, cost per conversion, generated revenue...

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Connect your Google Analytics Query Explorer to ClicData to get the whole picture on your web marketing performance.

Pull data from your Youtube Analytics account to ClicData and get up to date reports on your videos performance.

Want To Connect Other Data?

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