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Track your videos’ performance and leverage your social media strategy accordingly with YouTube Analytics and ClicData!

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Integration Overview

Connecting your YouTube Analytics to ClicData is child’s play! With our native connector, you can start deriving value from your data within minutes! With ClicData, you can prep, visualize, and automate the data and dashboard publication for your teams and executives. Get a better grasp of your YouTube channel analytics and discover which videos work best for your brand!

Key Benefits

  • Track your channel performance over time in real-time and custom dashboards
  • Get a deeper understanding of your viewers’ interests
  • Enrich your YouTube reporting by combining marketing, sales, and web analytics data in a single place

Sample Metrics

  • Channel performance over time
  • Top videos by views, share
  • Channel subscribers over time
  • Average view duration over time
  • Audience retention percentage
  • Number of videos added to playlists
  • Traffic to website from YouTube
  • And many more…

We integrate with all your company systems

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