Stay on top of your email marketing ROI with ClicData and MailChimp combined!

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Integration Overview

Connect MailChimp to ClicData within minutes with our native connector. Centralize, analyze, and visualize your data in smart and automated dashboards to monitor all your KPIs at glance. Easily publish and share them with your teams and executives from anywhere, at any time. Schedule alerts on key KPIs when thresholds are reached.

Key Benefits

  • Track conversions of your email campaigns over time
  • Compare top-performing email marketing campaigns
  • Enrich your reporting with CRM, social, web analytics, and e-commerce data
  • Get a better understanding of your audience and customer journey
  • Dig deeper to know which marketing initiatives are driving more sales
  • Go beyond your email marketing analytics with custom and real-time dashboard

Sample Metrics

  • Campaign Open Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Email Open vs. Email Click Rate
  • Audience Growth Rate
  • Unengaged Subscribers
  • Email bounce rate
  • Subscription Rate per Landing Page
  • Revenue per campaign
  • Email marketing ROI
  • and much more…

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