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Enhance your survey’s data analysis by tracking survey results and performance in real-time and interactive dashboards with Survey Monkey and ClicData.

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Integration Overview

Connecting SurveyMonkey to ClicData end-to-end Data Platform is child’s play! Prep, visualize, and automate your data and dashboard publication with your teams and executives from anywhere, at any time. With ClicData, make the most of your survey data analysis!

Key Benefits

  • Measure your NPS, CSAT, and CES over time
  • Monitor survey results and responses in real-time and custom dashboards
  • Unleash product and service improvement through text and sentiment analysis
  • Go beyond your SurveyMonkey data by adding your marketing, sales, and e-commerce data in a single place
  • Collaborate and share results with your teams

Sample Metrics

  • Numbers of respondents by survey
  • Number of completed vs abandoned surveys
  • NPS
  • CSAT
  • CES

Dashboards built with Survey Monkey

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