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Connect your TikTok account to ClicData and keep track of your TikTok performance to successfully optimize and grow your account.

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Integration Overview

Pull all of your organic TikTok data to ClicData within minutes and derive valuable insights into your TikTok performance to successfully optimize your content strategy.

Track your top videos, likes, comments, and shares over time. Mix your TikTok data with your CRM, web analytics, and other social media platforms to build custom metrics such as engagement rate by video duration, traffic-to-website, and revenue generated by TikTok.

Easily see what’s working and what’s not in interactive and automated dashboards, so you can focus on what matters: creating content that your audience loves!

Key Benefits

  • Track your TikTok performance over time
  • Monitor your content strategy and top-performing videos in a single dashboard
  • Dive into your audience analytics to see how they engage with your videos
  • Enrich your TikTok data with other social media and web analytics platforms
  • Streamline your reporting and analytics to have a single source of truth

Sample Metrics

  • Top performing videos
  • Video views
  • Average View Time
  • Video likes, comments, and shares over time
  • Engagement rate by video duration
  • Traffic-to-website from TikTok
  • Revenue generated by TikTok

Dashboards built with TikTok Organic

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