Go beyond HubSpot’s canned reports and dashboards with custom and interactive visualizations. Get deep insights into your pipeline, email performance and lead nurturing campaigns.

  • Enterprise App

Integration Overview

With ClicData’s native connector, bring data from HubSpot in a click of a button. ClicData becomes your all-in-one data analytics platform: store historical data from HubSpot and all your systems, cleanse, combine and visualize all your data in just a few hours. Automate the data refresh, alerts and dashboard publication with ClicData’s Schedules features.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage our 70+ widgets to visualize your marketing and CRM data easily
  • Compare Conversion Rates by Channel and Segment to optimize your marketing budget
  • Measure your marketing ROI by combining your Revenue data with your inbound and outbound spends from your financial system
  • Keep track of your sales team productivity: Dials, Outbound emails, Deals In Progress / Closed, Task Completion
  • Set custom thresholds and get alerts whenever they’re reached to stay on top of your team and campaigns’ performance

Sample Metrics

  • Conversion rate by Segment
  • CPL by Segment or/and Channel
  • Avg Time to Close by Segment
  • Number of Dials by BDR / Account Executives
  • ROI by Marketing Channel

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