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Connect your RingCentral inbound and outbound call logs and keep track of your Sales teams productivity and performance with ClicData.

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Integration Overview

Connect your RingCentral user accounts to ClicData and bring all your team’s call logs: Inbound/Outbound, Call Duration, Contacts, Date to build a performance overview dashboard. Mix your RingCentral data with your CRM and other sales outreach applications to get the full picture of your BDRs and Account Executives activities. Automate data updates, alerts and dashboard publications with our Schedule features.

Key Benefits

  • Compare your BDRs/AEs results overtime to identify best practices
  • Measure the impact of outbound calls on your pipeline growth
  • Manage your team more efficiently to enable them to reach their quotas
  • Set alerts to boost your team’s productivity and recognise goal achievement

Sample Metrics

  • Total Calls
  • Inbound/Outbound Calls Avg. Duration
  • Response Rate
  • Top Inbound/Outbound Users
  • Avg Prospect Dials per Day per User
  • MQL / SQL / Opportunity / Customer Dials per Day per User

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