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Track each click, sale, subscription and social interaction on your branded links in real-time with Rebrandly and ClicData.

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Get the most of Rebrandly & your marketing data

Track your prospects and customers interactions with your content online and offline thanks to Rebrandly custom links and measure the performance of your marketing strategy with ClicData.

  • Channel performance analysis: track all clicks and conversions of your branded links by channel- blog, social media, online ads, videos, referral, etc.
  • Interactive data visualizations: build custom and interactive dashboards with our 70+ visualization options in ClicData's drag-and-drop designer.
  • Derived metrics: create a single version of the truth by combining data from Rebrandly, your e-commerce platform, Google Analytics, ads, social media, email marketing and CRM system, and more.
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About ClicData

ClicData is a data management and data visualization platform for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Centralize all your business data in one place automatically.
  • Generate beautiful and self-refreshing dashboards for any device and for any size team.
  • Receive alerts when key metrics reach certain values.
  • No servers, no installation, fully secure, and available in multiple regions.
  • Increase productivity and communication, save time and money with our fully automated solution.

About Rebrandly

Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name.

You can create trackable links that you can use on your social media, emails, ads, website, and even on magazines using QR codes.

Rebrandly integrates with hundreds of tools through their app and their browser extensions.

Learn more about Rebrandly.

Let data fuel your marketing strategies

Connecting To Rebrandly

Read our post to learn more on the benefits of ClicData and Rebrandly integration and how to make it work.

250+ Connectors Available

ClicData connects to hundreds of tools and databases to help you create a single source of truth in your organization.

Marketing Dashboard Examples

Everything you need to track your social media, SEO, customer acquisition, lead performance, email campaigns performance.

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