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Track each click, sale, subscription and social interaction on your branded links in real-time with Rebrandly and ClicData.

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Integration Overview

Track your prospects and customers interactions with your content online and offline thanks to Rebrandly custom links and measure the performance of your marketing strategy with ClicData.

Key Benefits

  • Track all clicks and conversions of your branded links by channel- blog, social media, online ads, videos, referral, etc.
  • Build custom and interactive dashboards with our 70+ visualization options in ClicData’s drag-and-drop designer.
  • Create a single version of the truth by combining data from Rebrandly, your e-commerce platform, Google Analytics, ads, social media, email marketing and CRM system, and more.

Sample Metrics

  • Conversions by Custom Link
  • Qualified Leads by Link and Campaign
  • Cost Per Lead by Channel
  • Marketing ROI per Channel

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