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Use GraphQL query language to bring data from your applications APIs supporting it and build custom interactive dashboards in just a few hours.

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Integration Overview

ClicData’s native GraphQL connector allows you to connect to any applications that have a GraphQL API. Write custom queries, cleanse, combine, transform that data with in our Data Flow module. Visualize the data in custom, interactive dashboards. Automate the data updates, reloads, dashboard publication and alerts with our Schedules feature.

Key Benefits

  • Centralize your company data in a clean and structured data warehouse in minutes
  • Unify that data to build a reliable source of truth for every department
  • Automate your data updates and dashboards in live
  • Build custom dashboards with enriched data for everyone in your organization

Sample Metrics

Provide key performance metrics to everyone:

  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • and all others

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