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Connect Sellsy and extract your invoicing and customer data and keep track of your business development and growth.

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Integration Overview

With our connector we are able to tap into Sellsy API and bring clean and standardized data directly into ClicData ready for dashboards. Cleanse and consolidate your invoicing and CRM data from Sellsy and other applications to build a single source of truth of your business data. Automate the data updates, alerts, and dashboard publications with our Schedule features.

Key Benefits

  • Combine your sales and financial metrics in a single place
  • Monitor your sales team’s productivity and conversions in their pipelines
  • Identify your most profitable clients
  • Track your customers journey from acquisition to renewal by combining your marketing and Sellsy data

Sample Metrics

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Gross Margin
  • Profit by Account
  • Total Invoiced by Account
  • Churn Rate and Value
  • Avg Time to Close

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