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Google Sheets

Connect and automate your data refresh with our Google Sheets connector and build real-time reports.

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Integration Overview

Sync your Google Sheets spreadsheets in ClicData, cleanse, combine and fusion your spreadsheets to create a consolidated, reliable version of your data. Automate data refreshes, alerts and dashboard publications with our Schedule features.

Key Benefits

  • One source of truth for all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
  • Automatic updates of your data sitting in cloud and FTP servers
  • Import and Export data in Google Sheets from ClicData to do your calculations
  • Combine your Google Sheets spreadsheets with other data sources and systems

Sample Metrics

  • Marketing Budgets versus Actuals
  • Sales Targets versus Actuals
  • Team Activities
  • Financial Target versus Actuals
  • Product Targets versus Sales
  • and many more.

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