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Build one reliable and consolidated source of truth for your workflow and organization tables with Smartsheet and ClicData.

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Integration Overview

Connect Smartsheet to ClicData in a click of a button with our native connector and start working with your data right away. With ClicData, you can also prep, visualize and automate the data and dashboard publication with your board and team leaders. Keep track of your project management with Airtable and ClicData combined!

Key Benefits

  • Build and automate your status reports
  • Track your project progress and costs in real-time dashboards
  • Provide a clear view of costs and budget to branch and department leaders
  • Compare actual vs. pre-defined performance goals by project
  • Automate the data refresh, and dashboard publication to stakeholders

Sample Metrics

  • Project metrics
  • Marketing metrics
  • Development metrics
  • Issue tracking metrics

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