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The term SaaS is often mentioned within the context of cloud computing, and rightly so. SaaS, according to Wikipedia, is the application layer of cloud computing. So, how do we distinguish these two terms from each other?

Cloud Computing

The industry term “the cloud” was created as a way to sell a variety of remote computing solutions to businesses, but it is not a new invention. For example, millions of people have been interacting with their emails on remote servers, such as the ones at Google and Yahoo, for decades. The primary purpose of cloud services, when this term is used, is to offer businesses an alternative to purchasing and running in-house servers or a data center.


The acronym stands for “software as a service.” What does this mean? Basically, rather than installing and running software on a local machine, the customer accesses it remotely, typically via a web browser. Many of the business applications used today are accessed via SaaS platforms. Some examples include messaging software, management software, antivirus software and software development applications.

What’s The Difference?

Cloud computing and SaaS are the same type of technology, but the terms are not interchangeable. Cloud computing is a broader term. It refers to any type of resource that is not tied to any specific location. SaaS, on the other hand, deals with software only. Simply put, SaaS applications run “in the cloud,” but they are not the cloud.

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