View our selection of Marketing dashboard examples and KPIs that will help you better measure the performance of your SEO, ads, social media, email marketing initiatives. 

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website traffic report

This dashboard allows you to dig deeper into your visitors' behavior thanks to interactive charts. Connect your Google Analytics data and create interactivity within your dashboard with simple configurations.

Learn how to create this dashboard in our webinar Create Google Analytics insightful dashboard with our BI Expert.

seo dashboard clicdata

seo KPI dashboard

Monitor the performance of your SEO strategy and efforts with a KPI dashboard combining data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and your SEO tools.

Track to top performing pages, top keywords, average CTR for your website, bounce rate, email subscribers and your top referring domains over time.


email campaigns performance

Connect all your online ads accounts to ClicData and follow the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

You can quickly learn which campaign brings you more leads, which one is more cost-efficient hence where you need to invest to grow your business.


performance by email

Dig deeper into your email campaigns and see how your audience is responding to your communication.

This dashboard gives you both an overview of your emailing campaigns and a detailed representation of the performance of your emails: opens, clicks, click-throughs, bounces...

MailChimp Email Campaigns Performance Dashboard

MailChimp campaigns report

In this dashboard you can easily track all the indicators you need to check your mailing campaign performance:

Mails Sent, Mails opened, Bounce Rate, Unsubcription, Mail Open Rate, List Growth, Demographics... All of them in one place, get the whole picture and take the best decisions from your data.



facebook page & engagement analysis

All you need to know from the total impressions and likes for your Facebook page is in this dashboard. You can add sections with the most popular post, a real-time trending chart to see the performance of your campaigns. You can visualize your paid and organic reach either in a single or separate dashboards. Grow your communities by really getting to know them.


marketing kpis for eCommerce

With this dashboard, retailers will be able to identify their revenue sources as well as their customer profile: geographic location, gender repartition, age, and online behavior. Break the silos by combining your e-commerce, social media, marketing campaign data to get the whole picture of your business performance.


ppc kpis & ROI dashboard

Combining financial, transactional and advertisement metrics to calculate key marketing performance indicators: Customer Life Time Value, Customer Acquisition Costs, Marketing Campaign Return on Investment.

Learn how to build it in our webinar Marketing Analytics and Calculating ROI.

Build Dashboards With all Your marketing Data

Connect your social media, email campaigns and ads data to ClicData and build your marketing dashboards to measure the performance of your marketing efforts.

You can also blend your sales and e-commerce data to get the full picture of your business performance.

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