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Monitor your support and services agents’ efficiency and performance in custom and up-to-date dashboards with our Zendesk connector.

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Integration Overview

Connect your tickets, conversations and customer ratings and build dynamic and automated dashboards in ClicData. Mix your Zendesk data with social media, surveys, email campaigns and CRM data to have a complete view of your customer touch points and experience with your brand. Set up alerts when critical thresholds are met to always offer the best experience to your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Unify your customer journey and engagement data in a single place
  • Clearly share the impact of your customer service strategies on retention and revenue to leadership
  • Identify your most engaged customer segments to grow your business
  • Break the silos between sales, support and services to improve customer experience

Sample Metrics

  • Total Tickets
  • Open / Closed Tickets and Conversations
  • Avg Number of Tickets by Account
  • Avg Number of Messages to Close Tickets
  • NPS / CSAT
  • Customer Retentions
  • Revenue Generated by Services

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