Build one reliable and consolidated source of truth for your financials with Xero and ClicData.

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ClicData + Xero

Get data from Xero in minutes with our connector

Connect and unify data from any source

Instantly connect all your Xero data to 250+ applications, systems, databases, or files, on-premise or in the cloud. Clean, transform, and forecast your data for a single source of truth.

Customize & automate your reporting

Go beyond Xero analytics to visualize any KPI in custom and fully interactive dashboards, or pixel-perfect reports. Automate data updates, alerts, and publication to focus on what matters.

Share insights that drive business impact

Power decision-making at all times with fresh, reliable, and accessible data. Automatically send dashboards & reports to your teams, clients, and stakeholders, so everyone’s aligned.

How to connect Xero to ClicData?

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  • 1 Set up your connection
    Simply create a connection between your system and ClicData in just a few clicks.
  • 2 Get the structured data you need
    Select which data table you want to pull and ClicData will pre-format and load it for you.
  • 3 Transform, visualize, and share your data
    Clean, merge, and filter your data. Visualize it in custom dashboards or reports, and share it with your teams, clients, or stakeholders.

What benefits can you get?

  • Build and automate your P&L statements
  • Consolidate your Account Receivable/Payable across multiple Xero accounts
  • Provide a clear view of costs and budget to branch and department leaders
  • Automate the data refresh, and dashboard publication to stakeholders

What can you measure?

  • Consolidated Account Receivable/Payable
  • Gross Sales by Segment
  • Gross Sales by Product / Services
  • Total Operating Income
  • Gross Profit by Country

Integrate all your company systems and enrich your analytics

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ClicData offers you more flexibility for your reporting needs, in multiple ways:

  • store historical data to perform YoY analysis and comparisons over time
  • clean, transform, calculate, forecast, and enrich your data with 250+ sources
  • build custom metrics and visualizations that answer key business questions

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