Capture new leads and customers with highly converting landing pages using Unbounce, and track their journey all the way through your marketing funnel with ClicData.

  • Web Services & API
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Integration Overview

Connect your data from Unbounce via our Web Service connector and combine it with Google Analytics, social media, email, and CRM data to track multi-channel conversions and performance. Build custom and interactive dashboards with our 70+ visualization options in ClicData’s drag-and-drop designer. Automate your reporting: data refreshes, alerts, notifications to stay on top of all your marketing KPIs.

Key Benefits

  • Unify all your marketing campaigns, ads and landing pages conversions to map your prospects journeys
  • Compare your marketing spends with generated MQLs and revenue to optimize your budget and ROI
  • Set up alerts when critical thresholds and goals are met to adjust your strategies with more agility

Sample Metrics

  • Conversion Rates by Landing Page or Ad
  • Total Ad Spend
  • Total Cost per MQL
  • MQL to SQL Conversion Rate
  • ROAS by Campaign

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