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Bring all your company’s data from your Snowflake data warehouse into ClicData’s centralized reporting platform so you can measure your business performance in real-time dashboards.

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Integration Overview

Connect your Snowflake data to ClicData’s platform to create real-time dashboards with daily refreshed data so you can derive actionable insights from your data and improve business efficiency. ClicData connects to your Snowflake database directly or via our DataLoader. ClicData can easily execute queries to extract meaningful information from your database. You run queries in the database native language so it’s easy to use. We understand database tables are large and we support incremental updates through the use of unique keys. Create automated dashboards using Snowflake once your data is connected to ClicData.

Key Benefits

  • Separate your transactional data from your analytical data
  • Augment your reporting data without modifying your operational database
  • Merge data from your database with other sources
  • Use only the required data for analytics

Sample Metrics

  • Marketing KPIs
  • Financial KPIs
  • Sales KPIs
  • Logistic KPIs
  • Production KPIs
  • Software & Development KPIs

We integrate with all your company systems

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