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Connect Shopify with ClicData and track all your marketing, inventory and sales data in custom, fully automated dashboards.

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Integration Overview

Connect one or multiple Shopify accounts to ClicData and extract data automatically using our native connector to feed your dashboards. Once the connection and data updates are set, the data will keep flowing into your ClicData data warehouse for as long as you need it.  Mix your orders and product inventory data with your financial or marketing data using our Data Flow module. Visualize your data dynamically with fully customizable and interactive widgets, use pre-built or custom filters for more granular analysis. You can also set automated alerts and dashboard publication rules to anyone in your team or your clients.

Key Benefits

  • Connect Shopify and automate data updates in minutes
  • Measure revenue and profit overtime with historical data
  • Unify all your Shopify accounts to get the big picture of your business performance
  • Combine sales and marketing data to easily measure ROI per channel and segment
  • Share dynamic dashboards and KPIs with internal or external stakeholders via email or live links

Sample Metrics

  • Conversion Rate by Source
  • Avg Order Value by Segment
  • Profit by Product Category
  • Order Fulfilment Rate
  • Inventory and Aging Inventory
  • Marketing ROAS

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