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Quick Service Restaurants: Improving Operations With Customer Data

The restaurant industry is becoming increasingly customer-focused, where customers’ preferences dictate industry trends and major developments. In such a data-driven landscape, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) need to collect and utilize customer data.  Here’s a detailed guide to how QSRs can collect and leverage customer data to improve their operations.  Why Do Quick-Service Restaurants Need Customer Data?…

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supporting sales enablement rentention marketing with data

Supporting Sales Enablement and Retention Marketing with Data Analysis

Sales enablement and retention marketing may focus on opposite ends of the customer lifecycle, but the information and techniques they use are applicable at every stage. By tracking and analyzing data created throughout the customer journey, these strategies can work together to drive revenue with a unified approach. What Is Retention Marketing? Retention marketing provides…

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common data issues solutions using clicdata

Common Data Issues & Solving Them With ClicData

What sets ClicData apart is the power it gives you to do two valuable things: pull your data together into one clean data source and build efficient dashboards in a very short time. The platform gives you tools to tidy up your data. You can define transformations on the data that run any time that…

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improve seo efforts

6 Ways To Improve Your SEO Efforts By Digging Into The Data

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is one of the greatest audience building tools you have at your disposal. Essentially, it’s the process of utilizing keywords, creating content, and building backlinks to boost your rankings on search engine results pages. By maximizing your SEO efforts, you can gain more organic traffic, earn a loyal…

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QuickBooks & ClicData, Awesome Combo for SMB Financial Management

If you work with complex processes in a corporate environment, ERP is a great fit. But what’s the right solution if you are driving an SMB? What’s the most efficient way to handle your invoicing and keep track of your expenses and tax declarations? QuickBooks meets these needs with its accessible and innovative accounting software.…

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value of embedded analytics

The Value of Embedded Analytics for Your Agency and Your Customers

Technology is no longer the “future of business.” It is very much the here and now, with stuff like AI and big data entering mainstream use in a wide variety of industries in the past decade. Embedded analytics, also called white label analytics, is another avenue that businesses can tap into to maximize their revenue…

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7 Ways To Use Business Intelligence For Brick and Mortar

Did you know that in 2020, physical retail store sales hit a staggering $18.5 trillion, accounting for 90% of global retail sales? Despite extensive media coverage declaring brick-and-mortar stores as dying, a growing body of evidence shows the opposite is true. E-commerce accounts for less than 10% of all retail sales. Additionally, e-commerce giants like…

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replacing chartio

Looking for a Chartio Successor? ClicData to the Rescue

You probably heard the news: Chartio will be gone as of March 1, 2022. Atlassian recently announced its acquisition of Chartio, a cloud-based BI tool. The Australian company will integrate Chartio’s data-visualization engine into their products, starting with Jira. Although this is excellent news for Jira users—not so much for Chartio customers. They will be…

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thumbnail article bolstering regulatory compliance

Bolstering Regulatory Compliance Efforts with Real-Time Data Management

One of the most problematic data management issues facing organizations today is the bewildering array of regulatory requirements they face, and not just from within their own country, but often worldwide as well. A single U.S. organization, for instance, may be subject to data privacy laws in its state of residence, the Fair Credit Reporting…

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business intelligence trends 2021

Business Intelligence Trends: What to Expect in 2021?

Whether you have been in business for ages or have just stepped into the world of marketing in recent years, Business Intelligence is a term that you must have looked into or come across as part of your venture.  Strictly speaking, Business Intelligence is a wide term used to refer to applications and technologies that…

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