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Dashboards To Help You Manage Up

"An effective relationship with your boss increases the likelihood of success in your job." — John Ballard, Decoding the Workplace: 50 Keys to Understanding People in Organizations I once had a boss who was paranoid and trusted no one. When I look back on it now, I...

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Relying on Excel Could Be Costing You Big Time

Since it came to market in 1985, Excel has been the runaway go-to solution for personal and business use. It seemed to be able to handle it all, from calculations and schedules to budgets, projects, charting, planning, forecasting, and more. Large businesses have used...

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Use Formulas with Ease with ClicData

Let’s be honest. BI dashboards are really only as good as the metrics and insights they provide to their users. The more complex calculations that can be put in play behind the scenes, the more meaningful the insights, and the greater their value to the business. Yet...

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ClicData Plus WooCommerce Means Business

Using WooCommerce? You’re in good company. It’s become an exceptionally popular e-commerce platform—and for good reason. For a free plug-in, it’s a friendly, customizable, feature-rich, and fast way to launch and manage an online store. But for entrepreneurs who want...

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ClicData’s ETL: Easy To Love

As businesses grow, data analytics and data integration take on more significance to provide meaningful insights and the ability to monitor performance across the enterprise. Powerful data analytics solutions are needed to manage data, and that requires an accessible,...

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Five Questions to Start Building Awesome Dashboards

BI digital dashboards are user interfaces that graphically depict the metrics of your organization’s performance, both currently and historically. They can be specialized and customized to provide information specific to certain departments—like sales, accounting, HR,...

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BI for Small Business: Getting Your Data to Work for You

For decades now, business intelligence—the strategies and technologies that organizations use to analyze and understand their data—has long been considered the domain of big business. While the technological advances of BI tools have allowed large organizations to...

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