data pipeline

Data Pipeline: What It Is and How to Build One for Your Company

Data flows from one location to another is a vital operation in today’s data-driven business environment. Many businesses gather data for analysis. Even so, the data flow isn’t always seamless—it can be slowed down when it’s in transit from one location to another. When that happens, the dataset can become corrupt, cause latency, or create…

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single source of truth ssot

Business Analytics: How To Build a Single Source of Truth

If you are interested in Business Intelligence (BI), you’ve likely heard people discuss having a “single source of truth.” Now is your chance to learn everything about this BI concept and how to build a source of truth that serves your business interests. To create a successful product, you need the collaboration of several teams…

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automated data processing guide

Everything You Need To Know About Automated Data Processing

In centuries and decades past, businesses needed someone to manually compile and handle all data. As you might imagine, this process was very time-consuming and prone to errors that threatened the quality of the dataset and the Business Intelligence (BI) insights gained from it.  Today, businesses have a better option: automated data processing. This guide…

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Cloud data warehouse concept

A Guide to Migrating Your Data Into The Cloud

Over 61% of companies around the world, have realized the potential for cloud storage and migrated online. Cloud migration is when businesses move all or some of their data centers into the cloud. This allows more security and reliability to the company’s data, among tons of other advantages. By 2023, 75% of all companies‘ databases…

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leveradge data to convert leads

How to Leverage Data to Convert Leads

Looking to convert more leads but don’t know how? Believe it or not, that’s something every business struggles with at some point or another. While some companies quickly detect how to convert more leads, others need more time to develop effective strategies. However, converting leads isn’t rocket science, and it’s something your team can easily…

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3 ways of using data to enhance customer experience

3 Ways of Using Data to Enhance Customer Experience (CX)

The number of marketing strategies that can help your business grow its customer base and achieve success is overwhelming. You may be uncertain about the means you should prioritize: competitor analysis, newest trends, or SEO research? All these are important sources of information, but the most valuable insights come straight from your customers. Processing data…

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text analysis for business intelligence

Text Analysis for Business Intelligence : An Outlook

Every business leader would outright agree that data is currency. However, few might be aware of the challenges of processing this data into actionable information. In business, finding out what other people think is a critical part of the decision-making process. And there are growing opportunities for mining opinion-rich data from sources like personal blogs,…

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reporting acronym mtd yoy mom yoy

Reporting acronyms YTD, YoY, MTD, MoM Explained

The value of business reports lies in how they present information clearly and concisely. If a report is unintelligible or too complex, it becomes difficult to draw useful insights to help you navigate your business. That’s why a good report has to be simple and clear. It should give you clear insights not only into…

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5 ways to use data visualization in human resources

5 Ways to Use Data Visualization in Human Resources

Using Data Visualization in Human Resources – 5 Techniques Visual communication is nothing new as it’s typically employed everywhere – in media, art, education, and entertainment. But now, more than before, data visualization in business is quite noticeable.  In other words, businesses continue to recognize the vast potential in data visualization, especially in enhancing communication…

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sales pipeline metrics to track

5 Sales Pipeline Metrics You Should Be Checking for Growth

Understanding your sales pipeline is a fundamental process for business growth. Besides tracking revenue and other apparent success indicators, managing your pipeline accounts for less visible metrics like leads who are stuck in your sales cycle or have fallen off the wagon.  Without a firm understanding of what exactly constitutes growth in your funnel, you…

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10 kpi project management

10 KPIs for Project Managers and Why They Matter

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable metric that helps the project manager (PM) determine overall project performance and its alignment to organizational objectives. Success in a project is defined within predetermined budgets, timelines, scope, and quality levels. While the PM is engrossed in efforts to deliver a project on time and within budget,…

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data driven recruitment process

7 Business Advantages of Implementing a Data-Driven Recruitment Process

As a side-effect of digital transformation, companies are generating data like exhaust fumes: the audience behaviors in your CRM, disparate marketing and sales funnels, spreadsheets full of under-analyzed data in your stock lists, and so on.  Yet most of this data is just going to waste. People are so busy with their day-to-day work lives…

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