Use ClicData As Your Powerful Data Backbone

Integrate all, or some of the features of our platform, into your software or application, in a plug-n-play mode, rapidly and efficiently. Focus on your core software development and leave to the rest to us.

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ClicData Becomes Your Own Analytics Module

Connect your application data to ClicData and start building your dashboards and reports right away.

No need to scale up your application infrastructure since the analytics is done on our infrastructure and you can scale up any time.

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Rapid value delivery
for all your customers

By incorporating ClicData's features into your software or offering the entire platform as part of your package, you can enhance your product's value and provide your users with a comprehensive solution for their data analysis needs.


Powerful data visualizations
without a line of code

By offering intuitive yet very powerful data visualization capabilities within your software, you can help your users make data-driven decisions, improve performance, and drive success for their businesses or projects.

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Fully branded for a
seamless customer experience

Create a fully branded data analytics module, custom dashboards that reflect your company's branding or your users' preferences. This tailored experience not only adds a professional touch to your software but also helps to build trust and brand recognition with your users.


Scalable to support
data and business growth

ClicData gives you the ability to accommodate the increase of data volume, complexity, and user numbers, and ensures that your software can continue to provide exceptional data management and analytics capabilities, no matter how much your users' requirements expand.

Enhance Your Software Suite with ClicData

Provide your users with powerful dashboard creation, seamless data integration, and effective data analysis tools that empower them to make data-driven decisions and achieve success.

Choose ClicData integration and elevate your software's capabilities today.