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key financial controlling dashboard

Key financial indicators to help every business track the actuals against budget for their sales, the expenses by category and overall profitability. It also includes the cash flow projection.

Pricing and Supply

This dashboard is made for a company requiring quick insight into their supply chain for their electronic products. Units shipped, sold and on hand are clearly visualized.

in-depth financial analysis

Your company financial status summed up in one dashboard including all relevant indicators per business unit: available assets, gross and net profit margins and debt ratios.

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consolidated accounts payable

See how you can track AR, AP, Cashflow, sales, and more for an unlimited number of companies, all via a single dashboard.  leveraging ClicData and Xero creates an amazing level of real-time reporting and a single version of the truth that can be accessed at any time, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone to get a real-time view of business financials.

income & expense analysis

Connect data from your QuickBooks account to ClicData and track your income and expense in real-time.

This report allows you to get an overview of your Net Income over time. You can also drill down into Expense and Income reports to get more information on your business financial performance.

combine financial & sales data in a single dashboard

Here is a simple yet powerful dashboard that shows how combining information from multiple business systems (Xero + HubSpot) can create an amazing dashboard.

By blending your CRM and Accounting data you gain an amazing level of real-time reporting and a single version of the truth which that can be accessed at any time, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet.  See how you can see from one screen, your sales accounts payable and customer value in a single report.

Insightful resources to improve your financial reporting

Financial reporting does not have to be a painful process!

In this article, we will examine different financial reporting scenarios and related key success factors to make your financial reporting practical and successful.

Learn how you can use ClicData and QuickBooks to build custom, fully automated financial reports and manage your SMB financial KPIs more efficiently.


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