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Seamlessly connect & pull your Podio data to build real-time and interactive dashboards. Monitor all your project management KPIs from any device, at any time.

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Integration Overview

With ClicData, you can now connect your Podio data and see project updates and project progress real-time for individuals and your team at ease. Combine your Podio data with your invoicing system to stay on top of your paid and pending invoices and optimize your project profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Data: trigger custom alerts to monitor your project’s progress and workflows with more agility in intelligent dashboards.
  • Custom Visualizations: track your teams’ efficiency in custom dashboards with 50+ visualization options. Visual indicators mean faster reading, analysis, and reaction.
  • Enhanced & collaborative reporting: enrich your Podio data with other systems and share your reports with your team in a few clicks to drive your projects forward.

Sample Metrics

  • Productivity
  • Actual Cost
  • Cost Variance
  • Customer Satisfaction

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