Sometime ago, I’ve had the chance to see what Big Data can do when all necessary technologies are put together for a good use. IBM has recently developed, based on their research with the super computer Watson, a “medical aid” to help doctors get the best treatment possible against each and every specific type of cancer they come across when giving a diagnostic to their patients.

The super computer has been fed with years and years of medical research, trials, articles etc. and is able to draw conclusions such as what could be the best treatment for a patient by listening to the conversation between the patient and his doctor.

Watson then displays possible treatments, ranks them and let the doctor decide which one is the best for his patient, based on all the medical evidences it was able to correlate between the patient’s history and the huge medical database he has been fed with.


So where does ClicData fit into the Big (Data) Picture?

It will be some time before we too can help cure cancer through data analysis but we are getting there, one step at a time. As the amount of data a company has to deal with increases every day, we wanted to make sure ClicData is up to the challenge.

We recently tried to feed our application with millions of rows to see if it would hold the load… and it did 🙂 . Our only bottleneck was the time needed to upload the gigabits of data.

We were also able to merge, transform and do multiple operations on this data source. It is still up to the end user to decide what he wants to do with his data, but we are now confident we can handle immense queries on stored data and fast visualization rendering on ClicData servers.

I also know our engineers are working on something absolutely incredible which should be released within 2014, I can’t exactly tell you what it is, but it definitively tied to Big Data 😉

Happy Dashboarding!

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