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Time for a little focus on some of our advanced features currently available while we all wait for the new version of ClicData to be released!

Filtering option : Auto-complete Input Widget. The filter is useful when you want to type the value you want to filter on. How does it work? As a regular filter, you have to assign a column from your data source. After starting typing the value,  a list that contain the letter(s) typed will be retrieved and you can do your selection.

[tooltip text=”Click on the picture to access the live dashboard”]IMG_19082014_145055[/tooltip]


We chose to present this feature connected to an Advanced Chart (Waterfall) but the Auto-complete filter acts like a regular filter, on any other graph.

A waterfall chart is  useful to show how an initial value is increased and decreased by a series of intermediate values, leading to a final value.

Let’s take a simple example in the retail industry. Typically, there will be some units in stock to start the month with. Along the month, some of the units will get damaged because of people trying the items. Some of these damaged units could be refurbished to add to the stock, and finally we arrive at the number of salable units, which in automatically calculated in the Waterfall Graph. So, in this waterfall chart, the initial value of “Units in stock” goes through a series of ups and downs to get to the final value of Salable Units.

Feel free to play with these features within the following dashboard. You can access it by clicking on the above image!

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