ClicData Makes Snowflake Data Warehouse Even Better

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    We released a new connector to Snowflake, a widely-used platform that’s capable of uniting your data from different cloud infrastructure providers into a single data collection.

    Snowflake is great for copying data from multiple cloud platforms—mostly Amazon (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—into a single data source.

    But wait! Isn’t that what ClicData does?

    Yes, it is. But Snowflake specifically targets high volume, enterprise-level data. Now, that comes at a price, of course. But at ClicData, we appreciate what Snowflake can do. Besides, our commitment is to adopt and facilitate the use of any technology for our users. We love Snowflake’s approach, too: “One way to access your data in whichever cloud it resides.” It makes our job—and yours—easier.

    That said, with ClicData’s new Snowflake connector, you can get even more benefits from both applications. Let’s dive in.

    About Snowflake

    Snowflake is a data warehouse built on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. There’s no hardware or software to select, install, configure, or manage, so it’s ideal for organizations that don’t want to dedicate resources for setup, maintenance, and support of in-house servers.

    You then use tools such as Talend and Informatica to load data into it from your databases, and it provides access to your data using an ANSI SQL.

    You might wonder why you need Snowflake and why you wouldn’t just go directly to, say, Amazon AWS and purchase Redshift, DynamoDB, or MySQL?

    One reason is that, with Snowflake, you can create a uniform layer between you and the database infrastructure provider (the three big ones, at least).

    Secondly, Snowflake throws in additional functionality to ensure that storage and queries scale in volume and in performance as needed. You don’t have to master the individual implementations and cloud provider settings and configurations.

    Snowflake Schema
    Via Snowflake

    They provide these extra services and more via their Cloud Services in three regions—North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

    Snowflake Regions
    Via Snowflake

    How to Use Snowflake with ClicData

    So, the ClicData Snowflake connector lets you connect directly to your Snowflake data warehouse and take advantage of the speed of its infrastructure and funnel your results into ClicData’s valuable data visualization dashboards and automation features.

    Snowflake Clicdata Integration

    Here’s another option. Let ClicData help you bring data from your multiple, disparate systems into Snowflake. Our Dedicated Database subscription enables Snowflake to access your data at amazing speeds.

    Snowflake Clicdata Integration2

    Pros and Cons

    The strengths of Snowflake include its performance speed, flexibility, and the separation of

    But there are some things to be aware of. For one, once you are in Snowflake, you can’t easily get out of it.

    There are potential additional costs, too. Since their storage is proprietary, it might be more difficult and costly to store and access data of non-SQL workloads. There’s also a charge to retrieve and import data into Snowflake, which can increase costs to your BI, especially if you are doing bulk data exports.

    Another cost-related issue is that there is obviously a fairly complex relationship between Snowflake and Amazon. Snowflake competes with Amazon’s Redshift, yet it is hosted on Amazon, too, and its pricing is always a bit more expensive than Redshift’s pricing. Still, loading data in Redshift is nowhere as easy as doing so in Snowflake.

    Possibly the biggest turn-off is the difficulty most customers have understanding Snowflake pricing. It uses a “cost per credit” approach, but the cost is not published.

    Finally, you still need to purchase some sort of an ETL tool to connect to other databases and platforms with Snowflake. But if you’re a ClicData customer, there is no extra expense there. That is already available to you; you just need to go through ClicData to load data into Snowflake.


    Snowflake is a powerful data warehouse platform, boasting incredible speed and performance across multiple regions, and the three major cloud players. That performance and flexibility comes at a cost and requires additional tools.

    If you connect to Snowflake with ClicData, you can benefit from its intuitive visualization and automation tools while leveraging the power and performance of Snowflake to aggregate your data.

    Of course, with ClicData, you have the added benefit of being able to connect to 200+ types and sources of data and applications and feed all that data into Snowflake.

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