Data in retail: How to improve your inventory management in 2023


About this webinar...

Managing inventory for e-commerce or retail businesses is a challenge due to their vast array of products, fast movement, and huge order quantities. Scrubbed, a company that provides advisory support services to its clients has identified common inventory issues among its clients and has offered them solutions using ClicData.

In this webinar, they share 3 essential dashboards that can help you manage your inventory more effectively using ClicData. Learn about the-

  • Inventory Summary Dashboard showing key metrics and real-time inventory status;

  • Orders Fulfillment Dashboard showing how efficiently customers’ demands are fulfilled;

  • ABC Analysis Dashboard showing which top products need to be closely monitored and prioritized;

These dashboards give you the state of your inventory at a glance and will make it easier for you to monitor inventory levels, quickly check unfulfilled orders, and make more effective purchasing decisions to avoid both understocking and overstocking

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