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Leverage advanced analytics
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Unlock the full power of your data with advance analytics and machine learning integration.

Powerful Analytics, Smart Insights

data insights


Use our Insights module to gain a better understanding of your data. Quickly pivot, filter and sort data as well as visualize it. Then slice and dice to create dashboards and identify anomalies, patterns and groupings.

trending and forecasting

Trending and

Add trend lines, extrapolations and other analytics directly from your dashboards. Use our dashboard designer to add sliders, date pickers, input fields and knobs to create interactive simulations, forecasts and "what if" analysis.

machine learning integration

Machine Learning

Integrate Machine Learning algorithms into your data flows to produce segmentation, regression analysis, text analysis, data classification, and time series regression. Use R and Python directly against your Data Warehouse to implement custom Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Enhance your analytics with powerful
Machine Learning integrations

forecast trend

Creative customers leveraged our
advanced analytics features

“With ClicData, we wrote the formulas once and they run automatically without further manipulation. That’s a huge time saver and it gives us confidence in the data that we have.”

Source: Capterra

“My job involves finding data patterns, addressing those patterns, and gathering more insights on current customers’ behavior trends. ClicData has helped me do exactly that in the fastest, most efficient, and adaptable way possible.”

Source: Capterra

“We moved all our excels online to ClicData, our data loads in the morning via multiple sources and is available to all our Area Managers and Store managers with Store Specific restrictions in place.”

Source: Capterra

“The benefit is the ability to create any dashboard in terms of minutes to solve any question and be very reactive when clients ask for deep data analysis”

Source: Capterra

“I found the ideal tool for delivering data insights. The interface is easy-to-use and allows statistical data analysis, and tracking of patterns, trends, and correlations.”

Source: Capterra

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