dashboardexamplesand KPIs

Visualize all your business Key Performance Indicators in custom and fully interactive dashboards. Use our dashboards templates to get you started: website analytics, social media, sales, financial, customer, or HR reporting - Uncover the right data visualization for your needs.

Dashboards by department

marketing dashboards

Monitor your marketing KPIs to measure the performance of your PPC campaigns, website, social media, and emails. All your data is here, fresh, and ready to be shared with stakeholders.

sales dashboards

Blend your CRM, telephony, pipeline, and marketing campaigns in sales dashboards and get extra insights into your team's performance.

financial dashboards

Your business financial KPIs are the most important to run your business efficiently and sustain its growth. Use these financial dashboard examples to monitor your cashflow, compare your sales against targets, calculate your gross margin and many more derived KPIs.

project dashboards

These dashboards help you track the time and resources you spend on each project. Learn more about your project management process and increase your efficiency.

Get Started Faster with Our Beautiful Dashboard Templates

With ClicData, you can create your dashboards from scratch, with your own color palette and brand look and feel.
But you can also save yourself some time using our several available dashboard examples.

Dashboards by industry

retail and e-commerce

Monitor the performance of your customer acquisition and retention strategies, your website or store conversion KPIs, and your financial performance in these dashboards.


Monitor your hotel key performance metrics such as revenue, customer satisfaction, occupation rate, staff management, profitability...


Whether you're running a private practice or a department in a hospital, these dashboards templates can help you. Track no-show rate, patients' satisfaction, time spent per consultation, etc.

Get Expert Help For Your Business Reporting

Our Business Analysts work with hundreds of companies across all industries including retail, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, marketing services, and more. Book a call with our team and get actionable insights to improve your reporting and manage your business more efficiently.

Dashboard for all types of users

for your customers

You can share live and interactive dashboards with external users such as your customers. In this example, an outsourced call center can share their daily stats with their clients.

for regional teams

With ClicData you can build a single dashboard and make specific visualizations and KPIs visible based on user or team parameters. The users only have access to their data, and can focus on what matters to them.

for field & traveling teams

ClicData makes your life a bit easier while you're traveling with our mobile app: your KPIs are always right here with you, whenever and wherever you need them.

Start measuring your performance today

Bring all your data in one place and make it speak louder with our ready-to-use dashboard templates
or with our customizable data visualization widgets.