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Create Beautiful Dashboards Using Our Templates

With ClicData, you can create your dashboards from scratch, with your own color palette and brand look and feel.

But you can also save yourself some time using our several available dashboard examples.

Browse our list of dashboard designs, upload your data and you're good to go!


These templates will help you track your e-commerce website or stores' revenue and performance per region, product or acquisition channels. Learn more about your customers behaviors.


Follow your marketing KPIs: online campaign, website traffic, social media performance. All your data is here, fresh and ready to be shared with stakeholders.


Track your key financial indicators in our dashboard templates. Combine your sales, marketing, supply and billing data into one self-refreshing report.


Turn weekly or monthly reports into hourly reports. Turn manual reports into automated reports. Design custom reports that can be used at every level.


Need different dashboards but linked to each others? No problem. Navigate through your different reports with our widgets "Buttons". See our examples of dashboards "Sales by Region"...

project management

These dashboards help you track the time and resources you spend on each project. Learn more about your project management process and increase your efficiency.


Get more precise data on your school or university performance: the number or rate of graduate students, the number of applications received each year, the rate of accepted students and others.


Track your business performance such as revenue, customer satisfaction, occupation rate, staff management, profitability...


Whether you're running a private practice or a department in a hospital, these dashboards templates can help you. Track no-show rate, patients' satisfaction, time spent per consultation, etc.


Find other dashboard examples such as our "Fitness Gym", "Energy Production", or "Call Center" real-time dashboards that you can share on a large screen.


ClicData makes your life a bit easier while you're traveling with our mobile app: your KPIs are always right here with you, whenever and wherever you need them.


Our dashboards are also used to visualize and illustrate funny facts or data. Here's a selection of our funny, educative, playful dashboards - Have fun!

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