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Priority ERP

Build consolidated and insightful reporting for your executives by combining data from Priority ERP and all your company systems including CRM, marketing applications and Excel sheets with ClicData.

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Integration Overview

Using ClicData, you can connect your Priority ERP solution to a end-to-end BI solution to create customized dashboards. For instance, if you are tracking your orders using Priority and would like to combine them with the marketing efforts or to create a executive dashboard showcasing all solutions, then using ClicData you will be able to get advance insights.

Key Benefits

  • Measure your marketing ROI by combining your Revenue data with your inbound and outbound spends from your financial system
  • Keep track of your sales team productivity: Dials, Outbound emails, Deals In Progress / Closed, Task Completion
  • Build a unified view of your marketing, service, sales, support data to bridge the gap in your customer journey
  • Set custom thresholds and get alerts whenever they’re reached to stay on top of your team and campaigns’ performance

Sample Metrics

  • Conversion rate by Segment
  • CPL by Segment or/and Channel
  • Avg Time to Close by Segment
  • Number of Dials by BDR / Account Executives
  • ROI by Marketing Channel

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