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Practice Panther

Connect your Practice Panther data and build custom and live reports to track your practice financial and operating KPIs. Keep your data updated, secure and accessible from anywhere at any time.

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Integration Overview

Connect your Practice Panther data and schedule your data refresh to always stay on top of your indicators. Set up data refreshes once and forget about it, your dashboards are automatically updated. Create interactive & custom dashboards with 50+ visualization options. Automate alerts and dashboard publication with our Schedules features.

Key Benefits

  • Identify key accounts to improve customer retention and satisfaction
  • Monitor your team’s billable hours in real-time and over time
  • Make your performance review meetings more interactive with live dashboards

Sample Metrics

  • Total Billable Hours
  • Total Accounts
  • Account Acquisition Growth
  • Team Utilization
  • Key Accounts By Recurring Revenue
  • Top Performing Team Members

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