The Ideal Marketing ToolBox for Enhanced Productivity

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    Organizing a team comes with its challenges. Whether you’re just starting up or have been operational for ages, you still have to combine different personalities to form a group of productive staff to work towards a common goal. Marketing executives face hectic days due to more demanding activities like task prioritization, organizing work, and tracking industry trends and advanced approaches.

    Fortunately, you can rely on a range of productivity tools to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. These resources come with enhanced features offering complete security protection and visual management solutions.

    So which are the right tools if that can help you boost the productivity of your marketing team? Let us explore.

    Productivity Tools to Aid Your Marketing Campaign

    Here are some of the best tools to help you cut on time wastage and increase your marketing efficiency:

    WordPress – Web Creation Made Easier

    Wordpress Website Creation Tool

    Among the most crucial tools to have is a reliable web creation solution, and WordPress stands out as one of the best. It tops the list of the most popular website builders, powering way more than 33 percent of the world’s websites.


    The free tool allows you to control your site fully and offers a wide variety of extensions to help in customization. But there’s a price. You also have to address your site’s security issues, backups, and updates. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer a built-in drag and drop web creator. Finally, you need some coding background to use it.

    There are no free trial/paid version distinctions since the WordPress service is free of charge.

    Key features

    Some of the crucial features include the freedom to manage and design your site, numerous plugins, and third-party integrations with multiple lead generation solutions, email marketing resources, and payment getaways. It’s worth noting that there are a number of WordPress website builders that enable you to create a WordPress site. Most prominent amongst these is Elementor, which even offers built-in Worpress hosting. That way, you can create and host your WordPress site in one platform.

    Alternatives to WordPress

    • Wix
    • Appy Pie Website
    • Weebly
    • Webnode
    • Magento (e-commerce)
    • WooCommerce (e-commerce)
    • Shopify (e-commerce)
    • Prestashop (e-commerce)

    Moz Pro – Optimize Your Pages for Higher SEO Rankings

    Moz Pro Seo Tool Preview

    If you wish to take a proactive methodology in your SEO marketing, this marketing toolbox subscription is an excellent alternative. Moz Pro has robust features enabling effective campaigns and improving your digital marketing ROI.

    The tool stands out due to its robust features, insightful SEO and analytics, and reliable customer support resources. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a mobile app, and you’ll have to pay for the costly subscriptions.


    You can purchase the service from four price points. The cheapest is the Standard subscription that goes for $99. Others include Medium ($179), Large ($249), and Premium ($599).

    Regardless, it’s still a useful tool if you wish to improve your SEO campaigns’ effectiveness and boost the results of your marketing efforts.

    Key features

    • Keyword Explorer
    • SEO Crawling
    • Link Explorer
    • The unique Moz Local subscription

    Alternatives to Moz Pro

    • Google Trends (keyword research)
    • Google Search Console
    • Ahrefs
    • SEMrush
    • WooRank

    Respona – Scale Your Link Building Strategy


    Respona is a great platform to help you scale your link-building strategy and improve your guest post outreach emails. We recommend this tool to all website owners or marketers looking for a more efficient way to build backlinks.


    Respona is accessible for $95/month or $1,140 billed annually which makes it the cheapest way to strengthen your backlink profile.

    Key features

    You can import a list of domains you’d like to get links from or offer a guest post, and their engine will automatically identify the best contact in the organization – editor managers, SEO managers, head of marketing… And Respona automatically pulls their LinkedIn profile and email addresses. You can also use their search engine to get links from specific blog posts based on keywords, authority, website language, location criteria.

    You can also set custom email sequences which include personalized fields (Name, Date of the Day, Organization Name, URL…). You can also choose the days and time zone you’ll send the emails out.

    Respona is also a great way to find podcast and HARO opportunities.

    Constant Contact – Optimize Your Email Marketing

    constant contact marketing email campaign designer

    Another crucial component of an incredible marketing toolbox is reliable email tools. The most reliable is Constant Contact, which comes with a range of excellent capabilities to enhance your email marketing.


    The service has two pricing plans. The email plan begins at a monthly fee of $20, and you’ll pay $45 every month. Notably, the price fluctuations vary with the email contacts, and you enjoy discounts when you pay six months or a year in advance.

    Key features

    The tool offers amazing niche features like event management that could benefit specific operations. It also has high deliverability rates. Setbacks include limited automation opportunities and a relatively weak price-performance ratio.

    Constant Contact ranks highly among the few email marketing solutions that allow for seamless management of event invitations, ticketing, and registration. However, it is not recommended if our operations require advanced automation.

    The tool stands out thanks to its incredible features such as Image and Contact Management, Autoresponder, and Customer Coupons.

    You have absolutely no reason not to try out this marketing toolbox component as it offers a free trial.

    Alternatives to Constant Contact

    • MailChimp
    • HubSpot
    • Sendinblue
    • GetResponse

    HootSuite – Boost Your Customers’ Social Media Experience

    Hootsuite Content Scheduler Preview

    With social media experiencing a meteoric rise, businesses need to leverage the different platforms to generate leads. A one-stop social media management tool like HootSuite makes it easier to manage various social platforms.

    This social media management solution works with chief platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. It also has excellent Android and iOS apps. Unfortunately, the free version offers limited features, and it may lack crucial analytics.


    There are three alternative payment categories:

    • Professional: You’ll pay a monthly fee of $29 to manage up to ten social media profiles. It allows only one user.
    • Team: The fee here is $129 every month for three users and up to 20 profiles
    • Business: For the biggest category, you’ll part with a $599 monthly payment for up to 35 profiles and five users.

    Key features

    HootSuite offers a range of incredible features for social media monitoring. It allows scheduling updates; hence you can post across your social pages at set times. Furthermore, it offers collaboration options that aid teamwork and delegation of tasks.

    HootSuite has a free version, but you’ll have limited capabilities.

    Alternatives to HootSuite

    • Buffer
    • BuzzSumo
    • Agorapulse

    Google Analytics – Make Sense of Your Visitors’ Data

    Google Analytics Website Data Home

    This crucial analytics solution offers an exceptionally comprehensive look at the performance of your application or site. Google Analytics is a must-have and comes with an integration of incredible advertising products and platforms from the giant search engine.

    The tool stands out due to its secure user management permissions, and data reporting in real-time.

    Google Analytics will give you the answers to all your questions:

    • Where does the visitors come from?
    • Which ad campaign has been converting the most?
    • Which channel is generating the more conversions or revenue?
    • Which websites are linking to mine?
    • How much time visitors spend on my website?
    • Which pages are getting the most of the traffic?

    Despite the immense benefits, you still must be familiar with the Google Analytics language, whose resources are inaccessible online. The platform’s overall feel may also be overwhelming thanks to the numerous settings, dashboards, metrics, and user reviews.


    You can signup for a free version of Google Analytics and get access to pretty much all the metrics you need to monitor your website’s performance.

    There is a paid version, Analytics 360, for Enterprise companies which will cost you $150,000 annually.

    Key features

    Google Analytics offers 4 categories of metrics:

    • Audience Analysis – location, devices, interests, demographics, etc.
    • Acquisition Analysis – traffic by channels, referring domains, campaign analysis, social media traffic analysis, etc.
    • Conversions Analysis – you can set custom events and track each step of your conversion funnel.
    • Behavioral Analysis – new vs. returning visitors ratio, pages visited, average session duration, bounce rate, top landing pages, etc.

    Key Takeaway

    Automating your marketing strategy comes with lots of benefits. The efficiency it offers helps you refine your marketing approaches, cuts on your overall staffing costs, and enhances accountability. But without adopting the right strategies, you may still not be efficient even with the right tools. The best way to achieve your objectives would be to utilize valuable marketing tools that work hand in hand.

    ClicData offers quick solutions by linking all the necessary resources with data connectors. What’s more? You’ll get a fully automated dashboard designer to help you ascertain the ROI of your marketing approaches. Furthermore, we have the right tools to help you measure your marketing performance.

    analyze your customer retention and monitor new MRR, Contraction MRR, Expansion MRR, Churn

    Don’t let your marketing data deny you the right insights for decision-making and planning. For a competitive edge, you must always assess your marketing performance and adopt the right strategies to fix any drawbacks. By continuously tracking your KPIs, you can efficiently drive your campaigns and achieve your business goals faster.

    Sign up for our free trial today and get the help you need with your marketing data.