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    Link building is one of the most common tricks in SEO strategy.

    However, some new bloggers and marketers do not fully understand what this is and how it can be conducted effectively. Therefore, oftentimes they try to buy links that usually do not work for them. If you use this backlink buying technique, Google algorithms might recognize spammy or suspicious behavior and drop your rankings.

    So, what can you do to maximize link building benefits?

    Here are four easy to implement tips to make your link building outreach better.

    What is Guest Posting?

    Active blogs are constantly creating content to rank higher, increase website traffic, and monetize their blog.

    However, when your traffic begins to grow massively, there is a lot more work you have to do to maintain that blog and keep the audience entertained or informed. 

    That is where guest-posters come in. They can help create content that is relevant and up to date. A lot of sites are looking for these kinds of writers that are willing to do this work for them.

    So by writing SEO-optimized content and pitching it to relevant websites, you can get more backlinks that are linked to that blog post. 

    You don’t have to find blogs that mention they need guest writers. Just pitch your content to the most relevant publisher and see if they agree to publish it.

    How to Find Editors to Potential Guest-posting Sites

    To get an opportunity of guest-posting at another site, you must have the contact details of editors.

    Finding and using these contact details can contribute to this strategy taken from the best link-building tactics. If you know who the editor is but do not have their email address, some tools can be used, such as Respona, Hunter, and any email-finding tool.

    You can also search on Google by writing the website name you’re targeting and adding “content writing guidelines” at the end. There are other variations of keywords to use, such as “contributor guidelines.”

    Either way, the contact details might come up there and you will get some great insights on how to go about guest-posting on that site.

    Another great tactic is using other platforms such as LinkedIn and even social media. You can find editors for the websites you’re targeting, offering a great opportunity to reach out with a proposal.

    You can seek help from an online writing service while creating a proposal for your campaign. If you need some help to get things started faster, you can use writing professionals online like on Edubirdie, or professional bloggers like Adam Enfroy, Hailey Lucas, or Mark Quadros, to name a few. These people will provide you with useful topic suggestions, or even ghostwrite for you, and much more to enhance your learning and analysis of the campaigns.

    How to Draft a Winning Email Proposal

    The first step to get backlinks, by guest-posting is understanding their writing style and overall blog voice.

    Knowing this before proposing a content contribution can be very beneficial. If you found any guidelines, study them close and adhere to them when submitting the proposal.

    Otherwise, you can approach them with an outline for the content you’re willing to write about. The email should consist of three main points:

    1. Introduction – it is self-explanatory but you should make sure to make the editor feel important.
    2. Proposal – highlight the value it could add to them.
    3. Call to action – a simple “let me know and I’ll get into it right away” can do the trick.

    You can find some email templates in our recent blog post.

    Automating Your Guest-Posting Outreach For Better Results

    You can shortlist potential guest-posting candidates easily using automation tools like Respona.

    The tools can help you understand the writing style and preferences of editors before sending a pitch to them. As a result, instead of having one standard template pitch, you can have different ones in minutes without spending much effort and time into it. 

    That improves response rates because it personalizes the content for each potential guest-posting candidate. These tools work relatively easily and they streamline your outreach phase significantly. The greatest benefit is that it is results-driven instead of guesswork, which affects proposal open rates and the efficacy of the proposal.

    The Bottom Line

    If you’re looking for a successful backlink strategy, be prepared to give more than you are willing to receive. By guest posting for just a link, you can contribute greatly to your SEO strategy. Also, since you will be requesting to place a backlink on the bloggers’ website, be respectful of their demands.

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