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Building File Interfaces Using Ftp

Which is Better For Data Exchange? FTP or Cloud Storage?

The need to transfer data from one machine to another for processing has been around for a long time. Believe it or not, even before the internet was born—before API, web services, service buses, and even before FTP evolved—data transfer was being done, with the help of some fairly archaic methods. (Some are still in…

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8 Critical Components of a Marketing Dashboard

You may think your marketing campaign is performing well, but how can you know for sure? And, how can you know that all your marketing efforts—social, digital, email, even PR—are working well together to move the dial on your business? It’s time to take the guess work out of your marketing strategy. Key performance indicators,…

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Part #3: Using Data Viz to Unleash the Power of KPIs

Hotter than hotcakes, the biggest buzz-phrase for the decade may just be Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. That’s because empowered by the quickening pace of digital marketing and Big Data, business leaders are learning to sort through the tangle of KPI options and make a quantum leap in organizational efficiency and effectiveness. KPIs: The Success…

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Key Indicators in your Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboards can help you refine and streamline the efforts of your sales team by giving you the bird’s eye view of your department’s performance. But they can also help you track metrics, effectiveness, and results for each rep on your team. These invaluable insights can serve to highlight which practices are returning the best…

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The Six Most Lucrative KPI Strategies May Not be the Most Obvious Ones

How do you pick your KPIs? Key performance indicators (KPIs) are needed to identify operational inefficiencies and risks, drive operational improvements, and exploit opportunities as they emerge. For an organization to succeed, KPIs are carefully chosen to create strategic competitive advantages and provide long-term value to the enterprise. These six guidelines for wielding the power…

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The Art and Science of defining KPIs

How do you measure success?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the best tools used to measure and monitor whether your business or department is on course for success or whether you’ll come short of reaching your monthly quarterly, or annual goals. The problem is that many managers don’t understand how to identify the most vital metrics and instead collect and report on anything that is easy to measure.

But that strategy doesn’t usually do anyone any good. Misleading or irrelevant reports can result in mixed messages, confusion and employees focusing on the wrong thing. Resources can be severely wasted and results fall short of expectations.

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