How Interactive Shopping Can Help Retailers Boost Sales 

interactive online shopping

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy. When they visit your store, they seek an interactive shopping experience that helps them make purchasing decisions faster. Thus, it’s no surprise that more retailers and marketers are increasingly leveraging interactive shopping to attract customers and boost sales.  What is Interactive Shopping?  When shoppers visit your online or offline store, they…

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7 Tips to Try for an Immediate Average Order Value Increase

increase aov

It’s a no-brainer that the more customers your business has, the more revenue it generates. If you’re a marketer or retailer, you should look beyond customer numbers and focus on average order value (AOV) since it can set you on the path to profitability. For this reason, it’s best to know what AOV is, how…

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Best Modern Tools You Need To Increase Your Productivity in 2022

Modern Productivity Tools

Modern man has become dependent on technology due to several reasons; the primary one being the fact that technology makes everything easy. It is for the same reason that we find productivity tools essential for our daily office work because they make working with a team accessible and easy.  As a business owner if you…

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BI for Small Business: Getting Your Data to Work for You

For decades now, business intelligence—the strategies and technologies that organizations use to analyze and understand their data—has long been considered the domain of big business. While the technological advances of BI tools have allowed large organizations to leap forward in profitability and market responsiveness, most smaller organizations have sat by, often assuming that BI solutions…

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Fusion Power!

As some of you have already experienced, ClicData has many powerful features to prepare data for efficient visualization: you can clean your data, merge data from different sources or transform your data for example by adding a calculated column, etc. One feature that our users requested is Data Fusion and I’d like to use this…

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Cannes film Festival!

This week, we will take you to the movies and entertain you with key facts about one of the fanciest festival ever. Welcome to Cannes! Fancy means popular, last year over 200,000 visitors, professionals and fans took a walk on the Croisette to support their favorite movie while about a million of tweets commented on…

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ClicData & Internet World 2014

Team Security Folders ClicData

We are finally back from London and where we had an amazing experience at Internet World 2014! It was the very first time we were showing ClicData at a trade show and we definitively enjoyed the experience! Actually meeting some of you who are current users of ClicData was pretty awesome, and while we are…

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