Advanced Data Analytics Partnership to Enhance Decision-Making in Retail & Hospitality

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    ClicData and Predyktable have joined forces to revolutionise decision-making in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. They are both at the forefront of helping businesses to make correct business-critical decisions in the face of constantly changing, complex environmental, economic, and consumer behaviours. This industry-first partnership introduces a comprehensive data analytics solution that empowers customers to not only manage their entire data lifecycle, but to act swiftly on accurate prediction insights powered by Predyktable’s predictive models. This collaboration opens up profit-generating use cases for UK Retail and Hospitality brands including optimising spend, demand forecasting, marketing strategies, labour allocation, and more, all based on increasingly precise predictive insights.

    Their approach transforms data analytics from hindsight into foresight, offering insights not just into what and why something happened, but also what might happen in the future and what to do about it. The UK’s expanding data reservoir presents an opportunity to harness data for predictive modelling. Real-time insights are essential for agile decision-making, and there is a growing need to bridge the skill gap in data and digital realms. This partnership offers a one-stop solution.

    Predyktable leverages advanced AI and predictive analytics to provide a deep understanding of how consumer behaviour influences purchasing decisions. By aggregating a wide range of data, from global economic and environmental factors to regional indicators and industry-specific signals, their pre-built, Consumer-Behaviour Engine quickly builds accurate prediction outputs for organisations. Previously elusive, connected, patterns are revealed to generate foresight that fuels increasingly accurate recommendations on future actions. These results are automatically delivered back into ClicData’s platform.

    Our data platform excels at collecting, transforming, analysing, visualising and sharing any data: it’s powerful, smart and easy to use. We can now add further capabilities with Predyktable’s predictive analytics, so customers not only have a holistic and unified view of their organisation’s data, they now gain meaningful insight to accurately predict where their future actions will generate the greatest value.”- ClicData.

    Phillip Sewell, Predyktable’s CEO and Co-Founder said: “This exciting partnership is about augmenting ClicData’s impressive data lifecycle management and analytics capabilities with predictive analytics. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that drives more informed, contextual, future decision making in a climate of perpetual change. Our research reveals that 86% of industry executives view ‘predictive’ capabilities as their most sought-after features. This means an exciting range of use cases that unlock hidden insights, optimise processes and drive profitable outcomes can now be achieved.”

    In summary, ClicData and Predyktable’s partnership offers Retail and Hospitality brands the tools they need to make informed decisions, outperform competitors, and achieve exceptional results. With a commitment to client success and a dynamic Consumer-Behaviour Engine, they are poised to lead the way in the rapidly evolving world of advanced analytics.

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