What you get are interactive and beautiful dashboards but under the covers, we offer everything you need for you to manage your business data.  And we mean everything!

All the tools you need for your data, in one place

We provide a high performance data warehouse, hundreds of connectors to get your data into it and the tools to clean the data into any format you need. Build visual KPIs with our drag-and-drop dashboard designer and 70+ data viz widgets in just a few minutes.

Then share your interactive dashboards and real-time data securely with anyone.

See what life with and without ClicData looks like


Life without ClicData Life with ClicData

connect all YOUR DATA sources

ClicData connects to a large number of tools, databases and APIs to allow everyone in your company to build their own reporting.

We connect to CRMs, social media, web analytics, ERPs, financial systems to help you build a single source of truth and the derived metrics you need to run your business.

clicdata data view

clean & prepyour data

Data analytics starts with data cleansing and transformation. Your data needs some prepping before you can even begin to analyze it.

With ClicData, you can clean, combine, merge, fusion, group, aggregate, transform data regardless of its source or format.

You can read our documentation on our data management features.

build customdashboards & kpis

Drag and drop indicators, charts, tables, images, drop-down lists, and over 70 types of visualization widgets on your workspace. In just a few clicks create beautiful, live dashboards and reports for your internal users, customers or board members.

You can send them via email, embed them into a web portal, or make them ready for mobile.

We implemented ClicData ourselves and it went smoothly, we uploaded data quickly and built our first dashboards in less than an hour for us and our customers.

Damien Lafourcade, Consulting Director  | Marketing 1BY1

automateddata refreshes & alerts

Schedule data refreshes, dashboard publications, set up alerts by email, text, or Slack. If your data goes beyond a defined threshold, ClicData will warn you right away!


ClicData has provided us with a solution that not only extracts and combines the data from various sources, but it allows us to automatically distribute our daily and weekly reports without any interaction.

Gary Brandon, Systems Project Manager | Sharps Bedrooms

Looking For a Mobile Dashboard app?

With ClicData mobile available for iOS and Android you can access and share your dashboards from anywhere! You also receive instant alerts with messages or dashboards attached.


Your data is safe.

Your data is safely stored in data centers, maintained and monitored by Microsoft Azure, the leading global hosting and infrastructure provider. Nobody has access to the data except you and the people to whom you explicitly give permission.

Compliance certificates

Compliance Certificates

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Connect and centralize all your business data into ClicData and start building your KPIs today.

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