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Sales Forecasting

A  real-time dashboard for sales leaders and executives who want to stay informed and up-to-date on sales forecasts and revenue commitments. Easily combine data from any system to create a single version of the truth.  Stop relying on ever changing spreadsheets.


Revenue by Category

Understand which products or services are selling the fastest or which geography is growing faster than expected. Anytime you wish, have the ability to compare and combine any category element to understand where attention is needed.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Stay on top of what’s key to driving your business.  Customer satisfaction, sales appointments, sales cycle, demos, and so much more. Your KPIs are only of value when they are measured and reported on. Real-time updates are easily available and at your fingertips.



Connect to any CRM and create the reports that you want, share them with whom you want, whenever you want. By using real-time, customized dashboards you have the reporting you need and at your fingerstips.

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